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The First Two Weeks With A Roxor

Damnit Verne

Hi, my name is Verne Simons, and I have a problem. I can't leave anything alone. I like to modify 4x4s mostly, but I've been known to tear all manner of things apart in an attempt to make them better—or at least what I think is better. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it's frustrating, like in this example.

Really, Already?

I've owned this Mahindra Roxor for about two weeks exactly, and it's already fallen under the knife. Last night I pulled off all four shocks and the two front leaf springs. Now it's for a reason, but it's still silly at best. The truth is, the modification has to start for two reasons. One, I want the front of this thing to sit higher. It's too low. Second, my buddy Ned Bacon needs a set of stock Roxor front springs. Ned is the guy who raced a Roxor in NORRA and then in the Sonoran Rally (see pictures below).

But it's for a "good" reason

Ned is something of a fabricator, and recently he decided to pull the body off his race Roxor, trim down the frame, and plop on a 1949 Willys Jeep body. The end result is awesome. But the front end sits a bit high, and Ned's race car shocks are too long and shiny in the Jeep, er, Roxor's new configuration.

What Roxor Modifications are afoot?

So Ned is sending me his fancy shocks and fancy lift springs from the front of his race Roxor, and I am sending my stock shocks and leaf springs to Ned. Ned lives in Nevada, and I live in a suburb of Phoenix. So this exercise is silly. Both of us are trying to get our rigs where we want, but, I for one, went from having a functioning vehicle to (yet another) vehicle on jack-stands. It's a disease, people.

But Check Out Ned's Roxor er Flattie!