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Lift Your 2020 Land Rover Defender In 20 Minutes!

Yes, Proud Rhino has a 2-inch lift kit for the 2020 Defender—no tools required.

When Proud Rhino released a 2-inch lift kit for the 2020 Land Rover Defender, we were both surprised and skeptical. We looked at the list of parts; could it really be that easy?

We weren't entirely caught off guard, however, because the Defender lift is similar to what we used to lift our 2020 Land Rover Discovery for the 2019 TReK competition. The pieces you see are made of black anodized aluminum and are designed to replace the factory lift rods, essentially making the SUV think its airbags are low. The Defender will compensate by inflating the airbags which results in a constant 2 inches of lift.

How do you lift the 2020 Defender? No tools are required; just pop off the factory rods and replace them with the Proud Rhino lift rods. Done. Easy enough? The Defender lift should accommodate approximately 33x10.5-inch tires, but clearance will vary by application. Aligning the SUV is recommended after installing the lift.

Enjoyed the Defender lift? Proud Rhino offers similar kits for the LR3, LR4, Range Rover Sport, the full-size Range Rover, and more. Check out the full selection here.