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Friday Flatfender Fun Run

Flatfender Jeeps from Easter Jeep Safaris Past.

So if you don't like flatfender Jeeps, we are not sure that we can be friends, and it's definitely you and not us. Flatties are pretty awesome, and as we are all lamenting the lack of an Easter, Jeep Safari 2020 it's a great time to celebrate Flatties in Moab. So if we have your attention, skip ahead and look at the pictures, and if not, know that a flattie is a military jeep whose first prototypes started in about 1940 and ran through the late 60s (and even longer in India and Japan).

From there, the historic details are many, and as we've pointed out time and time again, Flatties are the first mass produced off-road vehicles that allowed off-roading to become a way of life. Almost all 4x4s built since the WWII Jeeps have some parts that are clearly inspired by the design that won the military contract and helped win the war. If that isn't enough, many are war actual heroes and others ooze cool history faster than their Spicer 18 transfer-cases leak 90-weight gear oil past felt seals.

Before the first unofficial FFFR, officially

Every year in Moab for the past five years—officially since 2014 but inspired on a run in 2013—a completely spontaneous and unorganized group of flatties known as the Friday Flatfender Fun Run (FFFR) have gathered to celebrate these cool old rigs with front fenders reminiscent of a counter top by gathering and then unofficially running a trail together. The FFFR as it is now, is the brain child of Brennan Metcalf of Durango, Colorado, but we'd like to pretend that we were involved in the ideas as we were present on the prototype FFFR in 2013 on Fins N' Things run. The unofficial attendees to this first prototype run are, officially, Brennan, the author Verne Simons, and Scott King. To be clear the author was in a 1956 funny fender not a flattie.

Officially the first and completely unofficial FFFR

In 2014, several more flatfender Jeeps somehow spontaneously congregated for what is probably the first unofficial FFFR. Here are pics from the run when we did Flat Iron Mesa Backwards. It was a blast!

From there it's all a blur of flatties in Moab

Since 2015, the FFFR has exploded in size and our attendance hasn't been consistent (the author had twins born shortly before EJS 2015) so we are going to show you the articles about the FFFR from the past 4 or so subsequent runs.

Unofficially the trails have been:

2014- Flat Iron Mesa Backwards (see photos above)

2018- Pickle

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