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Buckle Up, Four Wheeler Magazine Is on the Throttle!

Firing Order: A look at what’s new in the book including stories from Christian Hazel and Verne Simons.

Editor's note: This editorial published in the July 2020 issue of Four Wheeler magazine and is an overview of exciting new features that are a part of Four Wheeler magazine. It's republished here in its entirety.

I'd like to say thank you for reading Four Wheeler magazine and welcome to all the Jp and 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine readers that have joined us.

As you turn the pages in this month's issue you'll see some exciting new features. The most obvious is content written by authors you'll recognize in the off-road world that may not have published in Four Wheeler magazine in a while or often. You're going to see work from authors and wheeling gurus like Harry Wagner, Brian Sumner, and Trent McGee. These gents all have years of off-road and wrenching experience, and they bring to the table some fascinating trail ride coverage as well as insightful tech and new product tests.

Christian Hazel is well known for his popular project 4x4s, and one example is his '53 Willys DJ-3A. The Jeep began life as one of only two DJ prototypes built in 1953. Hazel totally disassembled the Jeep and rebuilt/modified it in his garage over the course of a year.

We're also excited to announce that beginning with this issue, Christian Hazel, former editor of Jp, Four Wheeler, and 4-Wheel & Off-Road will be writing a monthly column. Christian's wheeling experience and history in the off-road publishing world go back decades, and his accomplishments are many. Among numerous other things he is the builder of over 12 legendary project vehicles like the Evil Truck '68 M-715, Why J Wrangler YJ, and FarmHaul, a '72 Jeep J4000. Christian has also been instrumental in the planning and execution of Ultimate Adventure since 2016, though he was involved with the event in its early days going back to 1999. We think you'll enjoy reading about what's on his mind. Additionally, stories authored by Christian will be appearing in future issues.

In upcoming issues of Four Wheeler you'll also see work from the inimitable Verne "I can build that" Simons. Verne began his literary career in 2000 at Jp magazine and most recently was tech editor at 4-Wheel & Off-Road. He's the mad scientist behind many 4-Wheel & Off-Road projects including the R2.8 Cummins-powered 2017 Ultimate Adventure CJ-6 (UACJ6D), R2.8 Cummins-powered DeRange Rover (2018 Ultimate Adventure) and the R2.8 Cummins-powered Ultimate International (2019 Ultimate Adventure). Yeah, Verne knows a thing or two about wrenching, wheeling, and the Cummins R2.8 turbodiesel engine. Verne is also known for his memorable project vehicles including the 505ci-powered Wicked Willys '49 Willys pickup and his '49 CJ-3A, the latter of which was on the cover of the November 2016 issue of Four Wheeler.

Who in the world would take a neglected, bone-stock Range Rover and turn it into a legit off-road animal? That would be Verne Simons, and the SUV was the official Ultimate Adventure project for 2018.

On the topic of Ultimate Adventure, Four Wheeler is the new print home of this incredible event. It's here you'll be able to see the detailed buildup of the 2020 Ultimate Adventure project vehicle as well as complete end-to-end coverage of the event. There's no debating that this one-of-a-kind weeklong thrashfest is a must-read, and we'll give you the play-by-play.

All of these great new features are in addition to Four Wheeler's wide range of content. We will continue to feature incredible reader-owned vehicles of all makes and budgets; the gritty and prestigious SUV and Pickup Truck of the Year competition; the one-of-a-kind, multiday, deep-in-the-backcountry Overland Adventure; interesting tech stories; comprehensive vehicle tests; latest news; fascinating historical 4x4 features; hot new parts; and inspiring competitions, shows, and trail rides.

As we've done since 1962 our goal is to offer 4x4 fans worldwide inspiration, entertainment, and information. So buckle up, Four Wheeler magazine is on the throttle.