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Jeep Cryptically Teases 2022 Grand Wagoneer

A New Patriotic Photo Implies Jeep’s Luxury SUV Is Coming September 3

August 21, 2020 update: Jeep has released two more cryptic images of its forthcoming 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The only information provided with the two images is "Coming September 3." The first is the "wag" portion of the Wagoneer badge, perhaps a hood badge with the grille underneath. It's a different badge than the "oneer" one previously teased. The second image appears to be a clever angle of a rotary shift knob that could be the gear selector or terrain select knob, surrounded by some fancy filigree.

Jeep has been hard at work recently dropping a bevy of cryptic teasers across social media and the like. We've seen the Wrangler 392 concept in a blurry action photo. A simple image of the Grand Canyon with the text: "Grand: Magnificent and striking in appearance, size, or style" appeared across Jeep's social properties this week. And now another image has surfaced showing what appears to be a vehicle badge with the letters "oneer" preceding it. Although the Wrangler teaser was pretty overt, the most recent two have attempted subtlety.

Still, it's difficult to fool the Jeep crowd, and these are obviously a nod to the forthcoming 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Let's break the images down a bit to see how we got to this conclusion. The first, an image of the Grand Canyon, can easily be taken as teaser for the Grand Cherokee, which is up for a full refresh in the near future as well. However, they also added the definition of grand as "magnificent and striking in appearance, size, or style." From what we know about the Grand Wagoneer, it's said to ride on the same chassis as the Ram 1500 pickup, have three rows of seating, and be outfitted with enough luxury and technology to justify the rumored six-figure price tag.

This newest picture also hints at the 2022 Grand Wagoneer, as we can very clearly make out the end of "Wagoneer" on the shown chrome badging. The American flag is a nod to the fact that the vehicle will be built in Michigan at the company's Warren Truck Plant. This could also prove to be a teaser for the rumored Wagoneer, as opposed to the Grand Wagoneer.

Also included with the badge photo was one of a starter button. This would normally be nothing; however, this particular starter button is unlike any we've seen before. The button is wrapped in leather, and visible below it on the instrument panel is open-pore wood trim. Deep in the blurred background is what appears to be the rumored frameless 12-inch Uconnect touch screen. All of these clues taken together certainly lead us to the conclusion that this is in fact the Grand Wagoneer.

Of course, all of this is just hearsay until Jeep officially lifts the veil on any of these rumored new product lines. We don't know how long "Coming Soon " actually is, but we do have a fairly good idea when production is scheduled to start. According to recently released FCA documents, the Grand Wagoneer is scheduled to enter production in the second quarter of 2021, with the Grand Cherokee to follow in the third quarter. Of course, all of this is subject to change.

With this steady flow of teasers from Jeep, we expect a busy fall of new product announcements. Stay tuned for all the latest on Wrangler V-8, Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer, Jeep Wagoneer, and more!