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How to Protect Your Wrangler JL Rockers With Rock Sliders

EVO Manufacturing Bomber Rockers save your Jeep Wrangler JL from damage on and off the trail.

Sean P. HolmanAuthor, Photography

Rock sliders are as much about function for your Jeep as they are style, and finding a set of sliders that complement the look of your Jeep Wrangler, while also protecting it, isn't always easy. The factory sliders look nice, but are marginal for more than a stock vehicle in more serious terrain and have a tendency to deform under loads. We had really good experiences with the EVO Manufacturing Bomber Rockers on our JK Wrangler project and were excited to find out that they were available for the JL.

The EVO Manufacturing Bomber Rockers have a number of features that put them at the top of our list for rocker protection. First off, the simple and clean design doesn't detract from the overall look of our Jeep. The heavy-duty Bomber Rockers are made from 3/16-inch steel, and they have been designed to accommodate up to 40-inch tires without rubbing. We also especially like that the undersides are angled to allow your Jeep to more easily slide off obstacles, rather than getting hung up on them. The top of the slider is also up to 3.5 inches wide, so they act as a wider footpad for entry and exit and keep those errant parking lot door dings at bay. Plus, that additional width protects your rear fenders from getting peppered with rocks and sand, something those with painted fenders will appreciate. Lastly, underside holes allow for easy installation and cleaning.

Mounting a set of Bomber Rockers is really simple and doesn't require any drilling or welding, as they utilize the three large body mounts and the pinch weld seam, attaching through existing holes. For those who don't mind drilling holes in the body of their new Jeep, EVO Manufacturing also offers an optional Rocker Skin panel that adds rigidity and protection to the overall slider assembly. Stainless and zinc hardware is included in the EVO kit, and the Bomber Rockers can be ordered in bare steel, powdercoated, or can be painted in any color you choose.

To check out these and all the other EVO Manufacturing slider options, head over to www.evomfg.com and read on to see how quick and easy our install was.

The EVO Manufacturing JL Bomber Rockers are significantly shorter than the stock Wrangler Rubicon rock sliders, allowing for the fitment of up to 40-inch tires without interference.

In order to speed up our install, the Bomber Rocker brackets and hardware were preassembled on the bench. You can see the stout 3/16-inch construction, provided stainless steel and zinc hardware, and quality powdercoat finish.

The Bomber Rockers are significantly wider than the Wrangler JL's factory sliders and are around 3.5 inches at their widest point. This keeps the Jeep's body farther from obstacles and helps with ingress and egress.

Of course, the first order of business was to unbolt the factory sliders and remove them from our Jeep Wrangler JL.

Next, we loosened the body mounts enough to slide in the mounting prongs of the Bomber Rockers.

Lifting these heavy sliders up and into place is much easier with an extra set of hands, and something to keep in mind if you plan to do a driveway install.

Here, you can see how the sliders interface with the body mounts and how sturdy the overall design is.

The holes in the Rocker Bombers keep dirt and debris from accumulating inside the slider and provide easier access to tightening the pinch-seam hardware.

The top view of the installed Rocker Bomber shows the increased width and just how much more protection that EVO Manufacturing can add to your Wrangler JL.

From the underside, you have a better idea of the hole spacing, as well as the angled bottoms, which aid in allowing the Jeep to slide off obstacles.

The installed EVO Manufacturing Rocker Bombers look great on our modified Wrangler JL, completely matching our aesthetic, but more important, they're strong enough to support the additional weight of our rig and keep the body safe from trail damage and even parking lot door dings.