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Kenda Tire Review: Light Truck Bootcamp Puts R/T, A/T, and M/T Tires to Work

Talking tech and testing tires in Las Vegas.

Jered KorfhageAuthor, Photography

Kenda gathered a group of its dealers in Las Vegas, Nevada, to bring them up to speed on the latest in Kenda's tire technology and to showcase the capability of its off-road lineup when placed sidewall to sidewall with other tires on the market.

Classroom sessions came first where engineers gave a look into the research, development, and testing of Kenda's tires including the Klever A/T2, the flagship all-terrain tire; the Klever M/T, the well-known mud-terrain offering; and the company's latest in the hybrid "rugged-terrain" category, the Klever R/T.

Classroom lessons came to life when a parade of Jeep vehicles rolled out onto the tarmac of Speed Vegas. Kenda's all-terrain, mud-terrain, and rugged-terrain tires were represented, as were select sets of tires from other tire brands on the market. The Jeeps were put into scenarios designed to test various qualities of the tires including on-road noise, traction in mud and pea gravel, as well as handling in rockcrawling scenarios, hillclimbs, and off-camber tracks.

Some were curious about how R/T, or rugged-terrain tires, compared to mud-terrain and all-terrain tires. Kenda's answer is that the Klever R/T gives the on-pavement ride and comfort of an all-terrain tire while still giving outstanding winter and off-pavement performance with three-ply sidewalls and an aggressive tread design. This hybrid category is becoming increasingly popular for drivers who need a compromise between all- and mud-terrain tires.

To further showcase the durability of the Kenda lineup, Chad Rayford trotted out his Pro Lite race truck wearing a set of Kenda's mud-terrain tires. Klever M/Ts have held up to the abuse of racing and have kept Chad glued to the dirt lap after lap. The tire also gives him room to cut and trim tread elements to give better grip for evolving track conditions.

We remain curious about the all-around performance of the Kenda Klever R/T and plan on subjecting it to our gauntlet of on- and off-road torture testing in the near future.

Flip through the gallery of images from our time with Kenda's off-road tires and check back as we begin to test our own set of the company's R/T rubbers.