SEMA 2019 Custom GMC #MTSEMA19

Clean, Cantilevered, LS3-powered 1986 Sierra you gotta see

SEMA 2019 is packed with the newest, latest, and greatest—but greatest doesn't have to mean straight off the dealer lot. This '86 Sierra grabbed us by the eyeballs and had us crawling around looking at the little details which separated it from its glitzy neighbors.

The Sierra had been through a few bigger engines before the builders decided on the 6.2L LS3, Holley Terminator EFI system, and a pair of Precision turbos.

The LS3 sends the horsepower through a 4L80E and NP242 transfer case, before the pair of custom-built driveshafts get power to the axles.

Up front on the Sierra, PSC hydraulic-assist steering takes care of aiming the tires while Fox 2.5 coilovers and radius arms hold the Currie high-pinion 44 axle beneath the truck. Suspension travel is said to be 12 inches in the front. If it needs a pull, the Badland 12,000-pound winch is stealthily mounted and ready to work.

Out back, the overbuilt Currie 9-inch rearend holds a Truetrac, 4.11:1 gears, and is held under the frame by a custom cantilever suspension system with Fox 2.5 coilovers yielding 18 inches of travel. Also under the back sits a Borla three-inch system, custom 25-gallon stainless steel fuel tank, and triangulated four-link suspension.

Groovy KC lights on the Sierra's roof are mounted to a motorized system which folds back when more roof clearance is needed—say, when entering the garage.

The bed is home to a pair of custom-painted jerry cans affectionately called "cherry cans" because of their paintjob.

The Sierra interior got reworked with custom upholstery, an updated sound system and amplifier, and a dash that was recessed seven inches to create more room for larger persons in the cockpit.

What's the button do? It sends 12 pounds of boost into the system for those instances when going fast is necessary.

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