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High-Quality American-Made Fixed Blade and Folding Pocket Knives From Gerber Reserve

Gerber has EDC pocket knives and fixed-blade camping and overlanding knives.

Gerber is a huge company that makes a vast array of bladed tools and ships them all over the world. Many of its products are made in the USA, but some are manufactured in China and other countries. We recently did a story highlighting the pros and cons of eight new Gerber Overland and Camping Tools, and one of the only cons we could come up with for some of them was the fact that there wasn't a good USA-made alternative, even at a higher price. Well, that prompted Gerber to get in touch with us to say, "Hey, you do realize we make a special line of Gerber Reserve knives, right?" Um honestly, we did not. But now we do, and we're sharing the info with you in case you didn't know, either.

For a whopping company like Gerber, the Gerber Reserve line represents what would almost be thought of as an artisan crafted line. Made in small batches by skilled individuals so strict quality control standards can be maintained, the Gerber Reserve knives promise closer tolerances and higher build qualities than its already-mighty-fine line of USA-made bladed tools. Gerber sent us a sample so we could at the very least get our hands on one to see what the deal is. The Terracraft - Grey knife we had for a couple days on loan was pretty darn impressive. With through-holes for lashing, a sharp spine for striking ferro rod, full tang construction, and an extra-thick S30V blade, the Terracraft blends new-age construction and materials with old-world craftsmanship and quality feel. We dug it, but we didn't have a lot of time to put the Terracraft through its paces before Gerber needed it returned. Hopefully we'll get our hands on more Gerber Reserve product so we can bring you a full review.