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sPOD Mini 6 and Source LT Install on our 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

You won’t believe how simple sPOD makes controlling your vehicle’s electronics.

Jered KorfhageAuthor, Photography

The sPOD Mini 6 is here to save your vehicle from electrical purgatory. If you're like us, your rig has (or will soon have) a variety of electrical gadgets from off-road radios and lights to locking differentials and auxiliary batteries. Sure, you can wire each of those accessories and their respective relays from the battery, through the firewall, to their own switches glued somewhere in the cab—but there's a simpler way.

sPOD has become known as a trusted source of precision-built power distribution systems, and the company's Mini 6 control panel is an example of the innovation you can expect.

sPOD Mini 6 and Source LT Fast Facts

  • Mini 6 is about as small as a credit card—endless mounting solutions
  • One Cat -6 ethernet cable into the cab from the SourceLT, one set of wires to battery
  • No need for additional fuses and relays
  • Six circuits rated at 30 amps

Our sPOD Mini 6 was paired with the company's Source LT—that's the solid-state six-circuit board that lives under the Jeep's hood. Leads for the battery are cut to the specific length for the 1996-2006 Jeep Wrangler and pre-wired directly to the Source LT. Only one ethernet cable runs from the Source LT and into the cab, eliminating the hassle of fishing wires across the vehicle's firewall. Our goal was to use the sPOD Mini 6 and Source LT to control the off-road lights on our 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, while leaving space should we add more electronics in the future.

sPOD includes everything you need to install your Mini 6 and Source LT, beginning with the diagram showing where to mount the circuit board. Drilling four holes through the Jeep's tray was required.

We directed the Cat -6 ethernet cable through a rubber grommet in the firewall and toward the Mini 6 in the cab.

We popped off the plastic panel from behind the Jeep's sun visors and oriented the mounting bracket for the Mini 6. After drilling two pilot holes for the pair of machine screws, we affixed the bracket to the plastic panel.

The Mini 6 can be mounted in a fold-up or fold-down manner via the attached hex nut. We connected the ethernet cable to the back of the Mini6 and oriented the garage-door-opener-sized panel to our liking.

Back under the hood, we connected our auxiliary lights to the Source LT with spade terminals. Terminals are labeled clearly on the circuit board to correspond with switches on the Mini 6

While under the hood, we replaced the battery on our 2005 Wrangler Unlimited with a Duralast Pro Power Ultra battery, which is said to exceed the capabilities of the original equipment. We are confident that we'll have nothing but quick starts no matter how cold the winter mornings become, even with increased power draw from our accessories.

Before our sPOD Mini 6 was ready for use, all that remained was reconnecting the battery leads, depressing the clutch, and turning on the Jeep.

For those times when you need auxiliary lights but you can't quite reach the Mini 6, sPOD has a handy smartphone application using the Bluetooth capabilities of the Source LT.

Watch for future articles where we walk through how we stepped up the lighting game of our 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with headlamps, bumper lights, and reverse lights from Denali Electronics.


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