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Here’s a Rundown of All the Great Content in the July 2020 Issue of Four Wheeler Magazine

Tech, installs, tests, and more.

The July 2020 issue of Four Wheeler magazine is now in the hands of subscribers and nestled into newsstands around the world. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you need to get your hands on this issue because it's loaded with great content.

Tech, Installs, and Tests

The theme of the issue is tech, installs, and tests. Brian Sumner takes a look at common problems and the snowball effect of rebuilding a Ford 4.0L OHV V-6 engine, Harry Wagner installs and tests Skyjacker's RockLock selectable front sway bar, John Cappa bolts some rocker protection onto his Jeep Gladiator, Harry Wagner tests Mickey Thompson's new Baja Boss M/T tire, Trent McGee gives the lowdown on living with ARB's new Classic II Fridge Freezer, and Brian Sumner tests the new Indeflate air down/up tool.

A Trio of Feature 4x4s

Four Wheeler magazine always strives to have a wide range of 4x4 feature rigs, and the July issue has a wild assortment. There's Tom Major's incredible, trail-ready Dodge Dakota, John Marshall's owner-built Mercedes-Benz Unimog U500, and Maciej Michalecki's rock-capable Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Norwegian Jeep Tour, Classic Studebaker 4x4, and Axle Buyer's Guide

There's a great story about a group of Norwegians who shipped their Jeeps to the U.S. and hit some of the most famous wheeling spots. We also give an in-depth look at each of the six Jeeps. Another story that's fascinating is Jim Allen's piece about the 1959 Studebaker 4x4. Jim is a noted 4x4 historian, and he delves deep into the history of the rig. If you want to know what's new in the world of 4x4 crate axles and aftermarket build housings, Jay Kopycinski corralled a ton of info on what's available and its available for your drooling pleasure.

But That's Not All

That's not all! There's plenty more great content in the July 2020 issue. Christian Hazel files his last report on the 2019 SUV of the Year-winning Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited long-term vehicle, there's a look at upcoming 4x4 happenings in the off-road world, a collection of the latest 4x4 parts from the aftermarket you need to see, and much more.

Straight to Your Mailbox

Don't have the July 2020 issue? Hop in your 4x4 and get to your favorite newsstand or get a subscription so the book is delivered straight to your mailbox (a digital edition is also available). You can get a subscription at circsource.com/store!