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Tierra del Sol Off Road Club’s 58TH Annual Desert Safari

One Old School 4x4 Off-Road Event

Tierra Del Sol is one of the world's oldest off-road clubs, and The Desert Safari is the club's premiere off-road event that has been occurring somewhere near the Salton Sea in Southern California since 1963. That, for those of us who aren't great at math, means that this year TDS's Desert Safari was the 58th consecutive assemblage of off-roaders anxious to hit the dirt just west of Salton City, California, in early March. The event has recently been an assemblage of all kinds of off-road rigs, 4x4s, Jeeps, Broncos, trucks, SUVs, buggies, motorcycles, and so on with a seemingly ever-increasing number of side-by-sides. The area is made up of a diverse desert ecosystem home to few plants and animals with challenging hill climbs from short and sweet to loose and long. Also ever present are the mud hills and notches that test a vehicle's stability, traction, and suspension flexibility. The event is a great start to what most consider the off-roading season in a beautiful area with plenty of trails to explore, a family atmosphere, and challenging obstacles that won't totally destroy your rig (unless you really want them to).

Gallery: Old-School and New-School 4x4s Abound

Were always out on the trail keeping our eyes peeled for unique rigs, both old and new, that work well and keep us interested. TDS's 2020 Desert Safar was no different with a wide assemblage of rigs from old Jeeps to the latest off-the lot 4x4s. Here is a gallery of a few unique rigs that caught our eye as we puttered around the various unofficial goings-on at the event as well as our personal shenanigans. For more info on this and other events put on by Tierra del Sol, check out their website at: https://tdsdesertsafari.com/ and we'll see you out there next year!

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