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Wrangler Rollover at Sand Hollow, Utah

A Jp reader shares the tale of just another day on the trail.

There are thousands of Jeeps out there hitting off-road areas all over the world generating thousands of stories. This is just one of them that a Jp reader shared with us recently via email at editor@jpmagazine.com. If you've got an interesting Jeep tail to tell, hit us up and share your story. Until then, here's how Rick Fisher's day at Sand Hollow, Utah, went a little while back.

The grey-haired gent in the photo is me, Rick Fisher, after slipping off that rock face at Sand Hollow, Utah. I was leading a run with my club, the FMCA 4-Wheelers, and even though I knew I would just spin all four tires, I decided to try it. Peer pressure.

Unfortunately, it was in the shade, and the sun was in my eyes, so I did not hit it square. When the wheels spun, it went to the right faster than I could correct. We flipped it and the damage was mostly cosmetic. It did not even break the windshield. After turning the engine over with a wrench and then bumping the starter to make sure it wasn't hydrolocked, it started right up. Lots of smoke, but no damage.

It lost two quarts of engine oil and a quart of transmission fluid, but we cleaned up the spill like responsible off-roaders and continued on the trail. It is a 2003 Rubicon bought new and built for rock crawling. I am running 37s on a Dana 60 front and a Dana 44 rear that's been upgraded with 35-spline shafts. I run a Detroit Locker on front and an ARB in the rear. It's a pretty stock powertrain plus a Rubi Crawler. I am based in Los Angeles, but the club runs mostly California, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. And of course, we run Moab and St. George every year. I love Utah.
Rick Fisher
Via editor@jpmagazine.com

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