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Fully Functional 1/8 Scale Jeep JK Starts at $2,300 - Video

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ManufacturerPhotographerCorey SimoneWriter

We love R/C cars; they offer a great way to have fun in the dirt for quite a bit less that building a full-size rig. The price on the Capo Racing1/8 scale Jeep JK is close to what you could pay for a smoking deal on road worthy Jeep off Craigslist.

Although this model Jeep is more than we would ever pay for an R/C car, it’s the closest functioning 1/8 scale JK that we’ve ever seen. This model features body-on-frame construction, with a boxed frame, multi-link suspension, separate coil-springs and shocks a functioning three-speed transfer case and locking differentials front and rear. The functionality isn’t just in the chassis and drivetrain, the interior features gauges that illuminate, reclining seats with doors that are removable for that warm-weather Jeep look.

This is definitely the most detailed scale model Jeep we’ve ever seen, but all the functionality comes at a price, ranging from $2,300 - $3,000 depending on options. Whether you’re looking to have a scale model of your full-size Jeep JK, or just want one of the most functional R/C Jeeps ever built, this model from Capo Racing fits the bill.

Check out the video below on this JK and for more information on this 1/8 scale model R/C check out caporacing.com.