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Gateway Bronco: World’s First Roush-Powered Ford Bronco with a 10-Speed

We're in a Golden Era for Classic Ford Broncos

In the tiny town of Hamel, Illinois, Seth Burgett's 60,000-square-foot one-stop-shop called Gateway Bronco has been busily pumping world-class reimagined classic Ford Broncos through its production process. Now, in a quest to push the proverbial envelope, Gateway Bronco has collaborated with Roush Performance to integrate the latest Roush supercharged Gen-3 Ford 5.0L V-8 crate engine and Ford's 10R 10-speed automatic transmission into its classic Ford Bronco builds. It's the first time this modern Roush drivetrain solution has been jammed inside the confines of a vintage Ford Bronco. According to James Kemp, Program Manager of Crate Engines at Roush Performance, "It's a Gen-3 Coyote, the same engine that you can find in our Roush Stage 3 Mustangs."

The Gateway Bronco/Roush collaboration, about a year in the making, was celebrated at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2020. Seth Burgett, owner/CEO of Gateway Bronco, was proud to announce "the world's first Roush Performance-powered Bronco with a 10-speed automatic [and] the same supercharger technology as the new Shelby GT500. This is a one-of-a-kind vehicle, the world's first, that also has active tuned exhaust, so if you like it quiet when you leave for the airport in the morning (or if you like it rowdy)—you can do anything you'd like with the push of a button."

Partnering with Roush Performance is a natural extension of what Gateway Bronco already does best—swapping variants of Coyote 5.0L V-8s backed by four-speed automatic, five-speed manual, or six-speed automatic transmissions into its three 1966-1977 first-gen Ford Bronco models. These three models are called the Restomod Fuelie Edition ($150,000), Coyote Edition ($250,000), and Modern Day Warrior ($300,000), according to Gateway Bronco's website. Regardless of where the limited Roush edition fits into Gateway Bronco's current lineup, we can't wait to see how Roush's powertrain technology can benefit Gateway Bronco's classic Ford Bronco builds.