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Icon's FJ44 Land Cruiser Bridges the Gap Between Vintage and Modern

How to make a 50-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser feel brand new.

The Toyota Land Cruiser nameplate is officially dead in the U.S. , while older Land Cruisers are prone to have their own setbacks. What to do? On the one hand, there are some hardcore guys 'n gals out there that like the "full experience" that an untouched vintage 4x4 vehicle has to offer. Kudos to this special breed that tolerates such depravity and plows through the drawbacks of outdated technology and aging machinery.

On the other hand, there's a growing trend toward vehicles with completely modern underpinnings masquerading as old iron, thus giving the feeling of driving a vintage machine while having the confidence that it's all upgraded underneath. The idea colloquially called a resto-mod, and while it's not for everybody, we can see the appeal. Icon 4X4 is a company that ascribes to such a notion, combining the best of both worlds by mixing modern technology and amenities with old school looks and nostalgia.

Introducing Icon 4X4's 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44, an addition to what Icon 4x4 calls its Old School Edition series. It's not Icon 4x4's first rodeo, as the company has pumped out a bunch of drool-worthy resto-mod builds over the years, including this Wagoneer, a Ford Ranger, and a Willys, for example.

The Icon FJ44 looks clean and organized, simple and pure, thanks to its distinct lack of overland goodies like roof racks, big bumpers, canisters, ladders, lights, and the such. But don't let that fool you—she has what it takes to hang with the big boys on the trail.

Under the hood hides one of the build's biggest surprises in the form of a big 'ol 6.2-liter GM fuel-injected V-8 powerplant good for 430 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. That'll get the job done!

The beefy V-8 is mated to an Aisin Warner AX15 five-speed manual transmission. We dig that Icon 4x4's customer went with a manual transmission in an age where do-it-yourself gear selection has virtually gone extinct.

With a Dynatrac Dana 60 in the rear and a Dana 44 in the front, axles shouldn't be a concern.

Smoothing out rough terrain comes courtesy of a Fox coilover sport suspension system.

Eighteen-inch custom Icon forged aluminum wheels are wrapped in BF Goodrich all-terrain tires for good traction on- and off-road. Stopping prowess is achieved by hydroboost-assisted Brembo brakes.

The four-door Icon FJ44 looks flawless thanks to its hand-crafted, powder-coated aluminum body smothered in Eucalyptus Green paint.

One of the most striking exterior features is the FJ44's seven-layer gray canvas soft top, keeping occupants covered while allowing them to stay in-tune with the great outdoors.

The FJ44's finely upholstered four bucket seats are heated, and there are two jump seats in the very rear for those passengers who are immune to car sickness.

While not nearly as bedazzled as those found in new trucks, the utilitarian interior attains a contemporary vibe through a variety of machined aluminum trim pieces.

With upgrades from Pioneer that allow for a reverse camera, Apple Carplay, navigation, and Bluetooth, this old Land Cruiser is "smart" when it comes to technology.

Would you be shocked to hear that Icon 4x4's "vintage-inspired" Old School Edition 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 comes with a price tag of $237,000?