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Jeep Crushes Gladiator for Super Bowl Ad

A 30- to 60-second advertisement during the Super Bowl typically commands north of $5 million. This year’s Super Bowl LIII on CBS is no exception. If a company is planning to spend that much cash for a single advertisement, it better be good or at least get your attention.

Jeep is doing just that with its new “Crusher” ad. Jeep took a 1963 Gladiator and put it on the car crusher. The ad shows a forklift at a junkyard delivering the vintage Gladiator to its crusher-machine deathbed. Within seconds the machine begins to close down on the old Gladiator, ending its life as a full-frame vehicle. We begin to cringe as the glass pops out of the windows and metal begins to flatten. The headlights come on as the vehicle appears to take its last breath. Pressure pumps on the machine reach full capacity and hoses start to break.

The Gladiator comes back to life as a new 2020 model. Jeep brought back a newer version of the Gladiator just a few months ago with a huge unveiling at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The 2020 Gladiator is based off the popular Jeep JL and will go on sale later this spring.

An FCA spokesperson told our colleagues at MotorTrend they bought the sacrificial Gladiator from a scrap site and it was in non-running condition.