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New Yamaha eBike: YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO PRO

Your list of excuses for avoiding the trails just got shorter.

Yamaha entered the electric assist bicycle market in the early 1990s with its Power Assist System. In the years since, the company has made many innovative strides and is now jumping headlong into the all-mountain field with its new eBike, the YDX-MORO and the YDX-MORO Pro.

Yamaha new eBike Facts:

  • This is Yamaha's first-ever dual-suspension mountain bike
  • Dual Twin frame technology splits the top tube and down tube to reduce saddle height and maintain frame rigidity
  • PW-X2 motor provides pedal assist up to 170 rpm
  • 27.5-inch tires, 160mm front fork, battery charges in ~4 hours

The heart to the Yamaha YDX-MORO new eBike is the company's PW-X2 drive unit which is said to deliver powerful, responsive, and natural-feeling pedal assist—a must-have for cyclists who want the benefits of extended range from eBikes while balancing a pure ride experience.

Yamaha YDX-MORO bikes are Class 1 eBikes meaning they deliver pedal assist up to 20 mph 120 rpm in ECO mode, and 170 rpm in EXPW mode. Assist modes include Eco Standard, High, MTB, and EXPW; each denoting an increased level of assistance. Yamaha's new motor also uses helical gears which are said to reduce noise output. Yamaha incorporated a Quad Sensor System which adds and angle sensor to the bike's existing trio of sensors, to measure torque, cadence, and rolling speed. Data are used in the bike's Automatic mode which is said to seamlessly and automatically switch the support modes between Eco, Standard and High allowing the rider to focus on the trail and not their power assist levels.

Yamaha YDX-MORO Assist Modes

Automatic Mode: Automatically switches between Eco, Standard, and High

Walk Assist: Gives slight power assist to help riders walk through technical sections

MTB Mode: Provides a direct response feeling according to the rider's pedaling force and is especially suited for off-road riding such as tight corners and when riding tight trails.

EXPW Mode: Gives the new eBike an assist up to 170 rpm for steep climbs, technical sections, and starting from a dead stop.

Geometry innovations on the Yamaha YDX-MORO include the bike's Dual Twin Frame which features a split design on the top tube and the down tube lending the bike a reduced saddle and stand-over height while ensuring frame rigidity and optimizing weight balance. Tucking the shock into the twin-tube frame also contributes to a lower center of gravity thus improving handling. By keeping the frame layout long and low, Yamaha also ensures riders maintain traction even on the steepest of descents.

More details on the Yamaha YDX-MORO and the YDX-MORO Pro will be announced in August 2020. For more about the company's lineup, head over to yamahabicycles.com.

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