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Hellwig Is the Official Load and Sway Control of the 2020 Overland Adventure!

Everything you need to control your rig’s payload of adventure gear.

Whether you tow an overland trailer, load the back of your 4x4 with camping gear, or just want more control of your vehicle, Hellwig Suspension Products has the sway bar or helper springs to get the job done.

Making extended trips into the backcountry can mean saddling your rig with more weight than usual, which can lead to sagging in the rear. Hellwig offers helper springs that work with your rig's factory leaf springs to keep the vehicle level and able to carry heavy loads. More weight in your vehicle can also affect its handling in turns. Hellwig's sway bars are easy to install, they're tailored to your rig, and they're designed to better control your vehicle when it's tasked with transporting you and your crew into the boondocks.


Hellwig has built and tested some outstanding vehicles built for backcountry travel, like the rule-breaking Nissan Titan XD fitted with the company's rear sway bar and helper springs, an upgraded suspension, and a Lance camper; and a '19 Ford Ranger XLT loaded with a bed rack and rooftop tent, bicycle carrier, and (of course) the company's rear helper leaf springs and sway bars.

We're excited to have Hellwig along on Overland Adventure 2020 to keep everyone in the know when it comes to making sure your 4x4 is equipped for the weight of overland travel.

On the 2020 Overland Adventure, participants will explore the amazing Arizona backcountry by day and enjoy remote camping at night. Four Wheeler staff selected the 20 participants and their unique overland-equipped rigs from a pool of applicants. The route for Overland Adventure was carefully crafted by world-renowned professional guide Nena Barlow to include terrain easily accessible for all types and sizes of overlanding vehicles. It and will include three days of mainly off-road travel by day, and camping each night where participants will be treated to a gourmet dining experience. Follow along on the action from the 2020 Overland Adventure at fourwheeler.com and on our social media outlets.

Learn more about Hellwig at hellwigproducts.com.