Corbeau’s Low-bolster Trailcat Seats Bring Support and Comfort to Your Jeep

These Seats Are the Cat’s Pajamas

If there's one way to spruce up an interior, it's with a new set of seats. A new pilot's chair can change the whole feel of your Jeep, and there are a lot of seats out there that will hold you in place. The problem is that most of these aftermarket options are modeled after race seats, and they can be pretty difficult to get in and out of. On top of that, many of us don't want our Jeeps looking like they're outfitted with seats taken out of a brightly colored and winged import compact with faux ground effects. Where are the seats that will hold you in place and still look right in the interior of an older Jeep?

Corbeau has responded to this type of request with the Trailcat—a Jeep seat with a low-bolstered seat cushion to make it easy to get in and out, and it also has generous kidney bolstering to hold you in place on the trail. The black vinyl seats can be ordered with diamond-stitched or cloth inserts in the middle. We loved the diamond-stitched option of the Trailcat, so that's what we chose to stuff into a Cherokee Chief that had fatigued seat frames

The seats can be ordered with four different upholstery options—black vinyl with diamond stitching using black or white thread, or a vinyl/cloth mix with black or white stitching. We chose the classic diamond stitch in white. You can also add seat heaters and inflatable lumbar supports if you desire.

The vinyl upholstery of our 1979 SJ's original low-back bucket seats was actually still untorn (though dirty and stained), but the frame of driver seat was starting to bend and give way after decades of off-road adventures. We could've pulled apart the seat, repaired the frame, and welded in some reinforcement to prevent future issues, but we'd still have low-back buckets covered in dirty beige vinyl.

For a reasonable price we threw a set of Trailcats in using some bolt-in brackets (Corbeau has them for just about every vehicle ever made), and now we have safer high-back seats that look great, match the interior style, hold us in place better, and are just as easy to get in and out of as the stock seats were. Check out what these Trailcat seats from Corbeau have to offer and how we made them work in our classic fullsize Jeep.

The Trailcats have a standard four-vertical-bolt mounting pattern that is typical of the majority of Corbeau's seats. The company sells sliders that you can purchase and put directly on a custom rollcage mount, or there are a number of bolt-in brackets to install into stock interior.
Corbeau's new Jeep seats have cushions with minimal bolstering that are easy to slide on and off of, but they've also got high backs with a fair amount of kidney bolstering to hold your body in place and accept harness belts above the shoulders. It's like two seats were morphed into one. There is no wide version of the Trailcat, as it's not really needed. It's comfy with enough room for a very large person.
The Trailcat has a lever-engaged reclining mechanism covered by a plastic guard. While it does get the job done perfectly well, the guard and lever seem a little below the standard we expect, detracting a bit from an otherwise very upscale and stylish retro seat.
We started by removing the passenger seat. Both factory seat brackets are held in place by four studs or bolts. After vacuuming and cleaning a couple stains, we were ready to go.
Corbeau has a seat bracket for almost any vehicle you can think of. That being said, we were a bit worried when we ordered brackets D610 and D611—specified for a '79 to '87 Grand Wagoneer, with no mention of a Cherokee Chief on the website. But we were fairly certain that both the two-door and four-door fullsize Jeep tubs had the same floorpan contours where the seats mounted up. Thankfully, we were right.
With the passenger-side Trailcat installed, you can see how much taller the back of the seat is compared to the stock seats we pulled out of our SJ. While a taller back may add a bit less visibility through the cabin, the added safety is welcome.
The classic black vinyl with white diamond stitching fits in really well with our black and brown interior. But the Jeep was lacking an armrest since we weren't going to leave the stock middle seat. A console of some sort was needed.
For less than a hundred bucks, we ordered this VDP console from Summit Racing. For the price we weren't expecting a whole lot, but it does seem to be holding up and it does do the job. Even the padded armrest still feels good. A bent universal mounting bracket attaches to the transmission hump of most floorpans.
The new interior package really turned out great. The Corbeau Trailcats added some class to our SJ's interior while still having a tough vinyl upholstery that is easy to clean the dirt off of. And we got lucky with the console working so well with our new buckets. If we did have one complaint, it is how the corners of the seat brackets stick out from under the Trailcats on our particular seat/bracket combination. This isn't typical of most Corbeau installs we've done, and we'll probably end up remedying this by simply cutting the corners off with an angle grinder.
Of course, any install like a set of new seats is a good excuse to get off the pavement! Not to sound like an overplayed ad, but we really couldn't be happier with the Trailcat seats on the trail. The line injection-molded foam makes them super comfy, the styling fit into our SJ perfectly (and probably would on any CJ, YJ, or TJ), and the kidney bolstering does a great job of holding the Jeep occupants in place.
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