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Week to Wheelin’ Part 1: Kickin’ it Off With Paint and Bodywork on Our Early Bronco

Week to Wheelin’ Part 1

Looking for an early Bronco that hasn't fallen to the wrath of the corrosion gods that's also within your price range? It's slim pickings out there, to the point where it might seem easier to just build one from scratch. Well, that's what we did, and we banged it all out in a week—enter Four Wheeler's incredible Week to Wheelin' Vintage Bronco Build, presented by Golden Star Classic Auto Parts.

This was slated to be our biggest Week to Wheelin' yet, because our vintage Bronco would be built piece by hand-assembled piece. We started with a daunting pile of parts. Everything from front and back bumpers, wheels to wiper blades, and brake lines to body mounts was stacked in the MotorTrend Group Tech Center. Over the next week, we saddled up to the task of turning those parts into a living, breathing Bronco, culminating with the celebratory burnout. However, before we dig into the mountain of parts, let's take a trip to Plain City, Ohio, where Classic Truck Supply brought our vintage Bronco body into the world.

The experts at Classic Truck Supply like to get their hands dirty and are no strangers to full custom projects, including building an '85 C10 for the LMC Truck Nationals Giveaway with our sister publication Classic Trucks. Classic Truck Supply is also a go-to connection for many early Bronco goodies—air conditioning units, mirrors, steel body kits, complete builds, and more. This time the mission was to create a vintage Bronco body using sheetmetal from Golden Star Classic Auto Parts, sculpt it to perfection with 3M body products, and then apply a custom BASF paintjob. We'll take you through some highlights of the extensive process as the team at Classic Truck Supply built and painted a brand-new (yet vintage) early Bronco body for our 2019 Week to Wheelin'.

Classic Truck Supply worked closely with WASCO, a distributor of 3M and BASF products, to procure all necessary materials for the Bronco's paint and bodywork. Merik mixed the 3M Platinum Plus body filler putty and hardener, and then he applied it to the Bronco's body. His first passes established the rough body lines, with the further swipes of the hard card fine-tuning the hard lines and contours. He then refined the finish even further with 3M sandpaper.

David then mixed and applied a coat of BASF Pearl, let it dry, and then, with Merik's help, taped the Bronco body in preparation for the gold two-tone.