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TORC Adds UTV Racing Class to 2016 Schedule

Three popular tracks will see UTVs this year

The Off-Road Championship (TORC) is adding an official UTV Pro racing class to three championship weekend events in 2016. The new UTV Pro racing class will take place at Elks River, Minnesota, during July 16-17; Bark River, Michigan, during July 30-31; and in Crandon, Wisconsin, from September 2-4, giving fans another exciting series of races to watch.

There will be two classes of UTV competition in the TORC series: UTV PRO, which is a 1,000cc stock class, and the UTV Pro Modified class, which gives racers the option to have plenty of upgrades, including factory-installed superchargers and turbochargers, an upgraded clutch, and modify the wheelbase. With two classes, there will be plenty of exciting UTV racing action from stock rigs to highly modified race machines.

The UTV class is a great addition for the TORC series,.It offers a cheaper entry cost for younger racers looking to get into dirt racing and is a great way for other competitive drivers try their hand on the dirt. TORC series director Ben Nelson explained that interest from younger drivers, as well as top-level snowmobile and motocross racers, is high and the new UTV class is a great way for them to crossover race disciplines.

TORC Champion CJ Greaves will be adding UTV racing to his already-packed racing schedule and knows the benefits of racing a lighter smaller vehicle to start. Greaves said, “They'll definitely teach you line choice and how to get a car rotated, they're a little tipsy, and they'll keep on your toes -- it's almost like driving a small PRO Light. If you can drive one of those, then you should be able to get into a PRO truck and not be out in left field."

We’re as excited as CJ is about the new UTV racing TORC has added and can’t wait to catch some of the first action in 2016. The best part is TORC plans on adding UTV racing to the full schedule next year, so every track will get to enjoy the compact and fast UTV races.

For more information on how to watch the races or getting tickets to upcoming events, visit torcseries.com

Photo courtesy of TORC