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A 2020 Ultimate International Update

Revisiting our 2019 Ultimate Adventure International Harvester.

There are many iconic 4x4s in the off-road world. In general, Jeep leads the charge with its capable vehicle models, but no off-road fan should ever overlook the tons of viable 4x4s from Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, Nissan, and many more. Step back a few years to 2019, and the Ultimate Adventure buildup fell on an oft-overlooked but iconic 4x4 brand for the events flagship vehicle build, the Ultimate International. This truck, owned by our pal and frequent freelance contributor, Trent McGee, is a 1964 Scout 80. Course we covered the full build within the pages of Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine and all of the stories are also on the Four Wheeler Network here. Still, it has been a couple years since the Ultimate International's maiden voyage, and the rig has been on several wheeling trips, mainly in a few of the Western states of the USA, namely Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

UA International Harvester

So far, the rig has done well, with about 6,000 miles of on- and off-road use since it was completed just before UA 2019. The rig will do 65-75 on the highway and run some of the hardest trails in the U.S. without breaking much of a sweat. Still, the rig has been used, and a few issues have popped up to show their ugly heads. So far, the truck had the spare tire carrier fail on UA 2019 with a repair here. Also, the ARB twin compressor failed due to a bad relay; it was an easy fix, although it did involve disassembling much of the compressor itself. While pre-running for Ultimate Adventure 2020 the rear upper shock mount left its moorings. That seems to be because the rear shocks were a tad bit long and were bottoming hard, causing the shock hoop mount welds to crack. Jason Paule, one hell of a fabricator from South Dakota, repaired the shock hoop just before this year's UA event. Also, the front driveshaft turned out to be a bit too short despite working for about a year, separating twice if not thrice on Ultimate Adventure 2020. Luckily for us, Quigley Driveshafts happily built a replacement that was a tad longer since the close of UA 2020. The last two issues, windows popping off their tracks inside the doors and a floor sheetmetal separation, were both the result of heavy use off-road and a heavily modified 56-year-old 4x4 body meeting a huge agricultural tire-based obstacle (an unnatural obstacle, in our opinion) on UA 2020. Still, the rig is without doubt one of a kind, works well, and is immensely popular within the off-road world. Here are some pictures and a video of its various fixes and how it's been repaired since it was the belle of the ball at the 2019 Ultimate Adventure.