#OverlandAdventure19 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East: Day 2—Exploring Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

    Four Wheeler's 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East got off to quite the soggy start. Participants who arrived and elected to camp at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park before our adventure were treated to a night of raindrops pattering against tent roofs and a foggy morning vista when the sun rose.

    When it came time for the driver's meeting, the rain had fizzled out, and smiles broke onto participants' faces like the sun from behind the clouds. Ken Brubaker, editor of Four Wheeler magazine, welcomed the group to the TireRack.com Overland Adventure East and proceeded to introduce Rich LaRusso, our trail leader for the adventure. Rich came with extensive four-wheel drive experience and a wealth of knowledge about what the East had to offer. Traci Clark, our medic, reminded us to drink water and protect from mosquito and tick bites, before passing the floor to Bernie, our guide through the expansive Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.

    Rausch Creek is a private off-road park, was founded in 2003, and contains roughly 3,000 acres of land and seemingly endless miles of trails. Bernie explained how his trail system is recognized for its appeal to extreme buggies, moderate wheelers, stock four-bys, and everyone in between. Bernie arranged a VIP ride through Rausch Creek that was guaranteed to impress.

    After airing down tires and battening down sleeping arrangements, we proceeded into the park through the early Autumn foliage and rain-swollen puddles. Following our ride through Rausch Creek, we traveled to Carlisle Fairgrounds where we set up camp for the night, and indulged in a satisfying catered meal before retiring to our camp circles for the night.

    What's next? Well, Day 3 of the 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East continues as we proceed further on our journey to Overland Expo East!

    Stay tuned to fourwheeler.com for daily updates and keep an eye on our social media sites for on-the-fly photos. For now, check out this gallery of photos from Day 2 of the 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East!

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