#OverlandAdventure19 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East: Day 4—Onward to The Expo

    Misty morning turns and an Arrington arrival

    The participants of Four Wheeler's 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East arrived at Twin Mountain Off Road after dark so they didn't get to see the scenery around them—at first. However, when the sun glowed on the eastern horizon and fingers pried open the tent zippers, everyone gazed across the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains swimming in the morning mist.

    Coffee simmered on burners, bacon grease sizzled and popped, and the participants huddled inside hats and jackets in the cool morning air. Before long, tents were stuffed back whence they came and the vehicles were lined up and ready to depart, following the closing driver's meeting.

    The day's task was to exit Twin Mountain Off Road, navigate the gravel chicanery that was the local roads, and eventually wind up at Overland Expo East in Arrington, Virginia. Keeping speeds at a safe pace in the dense fog, we wound through tunnels of overarching tree branches bearing signs of early Autumn colors, past ruins of farm buildings, and eventually, after radio communications and fuel stops, rolled into Overland Expo East.

    The participants found themselves within Four Wheeler's VIP camping area after receiving free admission into the event, along with a bag of goodies. What came next? We gathered for a celebratory banquet and raffle where Dick Cepek, TireRack.com, and Hazard 4 all had prizes to be given away. After the meal, everyone was free to explore Overland Expo East and settle into their respective camps, preparing for the next day where many would explore the show.

    What's next? Well, the 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East continues as we explore Overland Expo East in Arrington, Virginia!

    Stay tuned to fourwheeler.com for daily updates and keep an eye on our social media sites for on-the-fly photos. For now, check out this gallery of photos from Day 4 of the 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East!

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