#overlandadventure19 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East: Day 5—Exploring Overland Expo East



    The participants of Four Wheeler's 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East arrived at Infinity Downs and were escorted into the exclusive Four Wheeler Overland Adventure Camp where they were invited to camp and display their rigs for the show. Overland Expo East, our official event partner, also allowed participants free access into the show as part of registration for Overland Adventure.

    Following the banquet, participants camped for the night and the next morning, were some of the first to get busy exploring the show—and we were along with them. We walked through the expansive property of Infinity Downs, complete with rolling hills, red dirt, changing fall colors, and adventure-oriented machines as far as one could see.

    Vendors were on site, greeting showgoers with products, friendly faces, and loaded-out vehicles.

    General Tire had a demonstration course where visitors could experience the company's various off-road tires in action on dirt, logs, and rocks.

    We found rigs large and small, ranging from stock to highly-modified, all with the goal of getting out there and exploring the great outdoors.

    We even saw some cool products like the solar panel setup from 4thD Solar.

    There were many vans outfitted for camping, even some with full commodes in the rear.

    What's next? Well, the 2019 TireRack.com Overland Adventure East participants will continue to explore Overland Expo East while we comb the show to bring you the newest products, coolest rigs, and scenes from the events happening at the show.

    Stay tuned to fourwheeler.com for more updates from the expo and keep an eye on our social media sites for on-the-fly photos. Also, a big thanks to TireRack.com, Mamba Offroad Wheels, Dick Cepek, Hazard 4, and Dee Zee for sponsoring our adventure. For now, check out this gallery of photos from Overland Expo East.

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