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Off Roading Products

Pro-werks High Misalignment BushingsEngineered specifically for suspension pivot points and linkage, Pro-werks High Misalignment Rod End Bushings are precision CNC-machined from 304 stainless steel, the bushings are used in conjunction with rod ends to increase the rod ends' misalignment angle, which increases the rod-ends' travel and reduces suspension pivot and linkage binding. The highly polished bushings are sized to fit most popular rod ends with the following dimensions: 5/8-inch od with a 1/2-inch id; 3/4-inch od with a 1/2-inch id; 7/8-inch od with a 5/8-inch id. Pro-werks also manufactures a complete line of suspension and chassis components. For more information, contact: Pro-werks, Dept. OR, 1931 N. 24th Ave., Mears, MI 49436, (231) 873-9252, www.pro-werks.com.

Premier Power Welder For Hummer H2If you're the type of enthusiast who doesn't let a cracked frame, broken suspension bracket, or similar maladies stop you from navigating your chosen path, then the Premier Power Welder is ideal for you. Oh, yeah, maintenance, utility, farm, construction, and rescue vehicles can also make excellent use of the Power Welder. What makes the Premiere Power Welder so useful is its various functions, which include an arc-welding mode, a TIG/MIG-welding mode, a battery-charging mode, and a 115-volt DC-power mode. The heart of the system are the new Hummer H2 Vortec-engine-specific 175- and 190-amp alternators and the special Premier Power Welder control module. Equipped with the Power Welder, an H2 becomes a go-anywhere, do-anything 4x4, which is in keeping with the H2's image and off-road capabilities. For more information, contact: Premier Power Welder, Dept. OR, P.O. Box 639, Carbondale, CO 81623, (970) 963-8875, www.premierpowerwelder.com.

Milemarker's E12000Electric WinchIf your truck has ever been severely bogged or you were called on to rescue a friend's stuck truck, you can probably appreciate MileMarker's E12000 winch. Powered by a 5.5hp series wound electric motor, the E12000 is capable of pulling 12,000 pounds on a single line. The E12000 boasts a planetary gear train with a 265:1 drive ratio, measures 21.3x6.3x8.3 inches, and weighs less than 100 pounds. The roller is fitted with a 3/8-inch-diameter, 100-foot-long galvanized aircraft cable featuring a replaceable hook. The recommended power source for the E12000 is a battery sized at a minimum of 650 cold-cranking amps. For more information, contact: MileMarker Inc., Dept. OR, 2121 Blount Rd., Pompano Beach, FL 33069, (800) 886-8647, www.milemarker.com.

Fragola Performance Systems' Hose Ends For PTFE-Lined HoseAn all-new series of performance hose ends is now available from the fine people at Fragola Performance Systems. Engineered specifically for PTFE-lined hoses (stainless brake hose), the Fragola hose ends are manufactured from forged steel; are available in straight, 45-, and 90-degree styles; and contain a double-swivel feature that makes for an easy installation. Fragola's hose-end fittings are available in A-N 3 through A-N 8 sizes and boast a beautiful, polished surface. For more information, contact: Fragola Performance Systems, Dept. OR, 888 W. Queens St., Southington, CT 06489, (866) 337-2739, www.fragolaperformancesystems.com.

Air Flow Research LS1 Cylinder Heads For GM TrucksAir Flow Research has introduced a new set of high-performance cylinder heads for late-model Chevy/GMC small-block V-8 truck engines. The LS1 cylinder heads offer improved airflow and feature all the good cylinder head stuff, including 2.02-inch intake valves, 1.60-inch exhaust valves, a 3/4-inch-thick deck, reinforced rocker stud bosses, and thick intake runner bosses. Although the AFR LS1 heads' intake ports are sized the same as the General's OE Corvette-style LS1 heads (205 cc), the CNC-ported intake runners on the AFR heads show a 70-cfm increase in airflow, which means the AFR heads are delivering a high-velocity air charge into the combustion chambers, thus making excellent low-end power. The AFR LS1 heads are available with 205cc or 225cc intake ports and with your choice of 66cc or 76cc swirl-enhancing combustion chambers. For more information, contact: Air Flow Research, Dept. OR, 10490 Ilex Ave., Pacoima, CA 91311, (818) 890-0616, www.airflowresearch.com.

New Extended-Length Rancho Rs9000x Adjustable DampersRancho Suspension's RS9000X nine-stage-adjustable dampers are now available in dozens of new applications, including long-travel versions. The RS9000x is a tri-tube design with nine separately adjustable damping settings, all of which can be set from a remote, in-cab control, or by turning a control knob mounted on the damper's body. The new tri-tube design uses primary, intermediate, and reserve tubes to yield a fluid content that is 17 times greater than Rancho's previous-generation RS9000. In addition to the nine stages of adjustable damping control, the RS9000X also offers 15-stage, velocity-sensitive damping built into its 32mm Teflon-banded internal piston. With a 26mm hardened and double-chromed piston rod and an all-new rod guide, decreased friction and enhanced control is achieved. The RS9000X is available in a wide range of models for stock-height and lifted trucks as well as in extended-length versions featuring 10, 12, 14, and 15 inches of travel. For more information, contact: Rancho Suspension, Dept. OR, 1 International Dr., Monroe, MI 48161, (734) 384-7804, www.gorancho.com.

Edge Products' Juice Module And Attitude Controller For The Duramax Diesel General Motors' Duramax Diesel engine is a powerful V-8, no doubt. But more power is always welcome, right? Right. That's the thinking behind the Juice Module and Attitude Controller from Edge Products. The Juice Module improves the Duramax's power by tailoring the fuel and ignition curves and monitoring exhaust gas temperatures, turbo boost, and transmission slippage. Four levels of power are available from the Juice Module, from 40 to 90 additional horsepower and 150 to 250 extra lb-ft of torque. Plus, the Juice Module improves the throttle response and the overall drivability of the Duramax. Edge Products' Attitude Controller is actually a sophisticated monitor (gauge) that displays exhaust gas temperature, turbo boost, re-calibrated road speed (for oversized tires), engine load, and transmission slippage. The Attitude Controller also allows in-cab adjustments of the Juice Module, and the Controller's sleek design makes mounting simple in any interior location, including the A-pillar and the dash's top or face. For more information, contact: Edge Products Inc., Dept. OR, 5875 S. Adams Ave. Pkwy., Ogden, UT 84405, (801) 476-3343, www.edgeproducts.com.

MHT Kaotik NT-1 WheelsMHT Luxury Wheels has introduced the latest addition to the company's Kaotik line: the NT-1. With its trendy six-spoke styling and show-quality chrome plating, you may think the NT-1 is just another pretty face. Not so; the NT-1 is manufactured using the latest high-tech advances in cast-wheel design and construction, which yields a wheel that's extremely durable (the NT-1 boasts a 3,100-pound load rating) yet isn't excessively heavy. MHT's NT-1 is available in 17x10- and 18x10-inch sizes, with the following bolt patterns/bolt circles: 8 on 6.5 Chevy; 6 on 5.5 Chevy; 5 on 5.5 Dodge; 8 on 170mm Ford. For more information, contact: MHT Luxury Wheels, Dept. OR, 6907 Marlin Cir., LaPalma, CA 90623, (800) 378-0007, www.mhtwheels.com.

Hog-Wild Diesel PerformanceDiesel engines love large-diameter exhaust systems because max-flow systems help to expel those super-hot diesel fumes and make gobs of torque, which is the best reason to own a diesel-powered truck. Hog Performance Exhaust has the hot ticket to improving diesel engine performance with its new 4-inch, high-performance, single-outlet exhaust system. Each system is designed using 304 stainless-steel tubing, which won't rust or corrode over the lifetime of the vehicle. Each system also comes with stainless-steel hardware and adjustable brackets for a quick, easy, and maintenance-free installation. Wraparound clamps ensure no-leak connections at each junction, and a stainless-steel "diesel only" muffler is onboard to withstand the extreme heat that a diesel engine produces. A lifetime warranty is standard and so is a surefire increase in power. For more information, contact: Hog Performance Exhaust, Dept. OR, 5581 South 320 West, Murray, Utah 84107, (801) 281-4598, www.hogperformance.com.

Heavy-Breathing HemiWe all know that breathing easy is important to staying alive and performing at your peak. The same goes for your truck's engine, and Doug's Headers is a firm believer in helping trucks such as Dodge's Hemi-powered Ram series breathe easier by manufacturing free-flowing header exhaust systems. The company's new system for Dodge's 5.7L Hemi Magnum engine consists of OEM replacement, four-tube headers, and a crossover Y-pipe.

Both products are constructed from mandrel-bent tubing that is coated with a thermal barrier coating for long life. The headers feature 1/2-inch-thick laser-cut flanges; 1-5/8-inch od primary tubes, and 3-inch collectors. Initial dyno testing conducted with Kenne Bell Superchargers and Performance West revealed increases of more than 35 hp and 21.4 lb-ft of torque. In addition to the newfound power that Doug's Headers products make for the Hemi, the trademark Hemi sound of yesteryear is also in effect. For more information, contact: Doug's Headers, Dept. OR, 1391 Dodson Way, Riverside, CA 92507, (909) 788-4878, www.dougsheaders.com.

Jack It, Pull It, Swing ItWhat would you say if we told you that there was a rear bumper for your XJ-, CJ-, YJ- or TJ-series Jeep that also doubled as a tow hitch, Hi-Lift jack mount, jerrycan gas can mount, and swing-away spare tire carrier? The imaginative folks at Off-Road Technology have developed one of the most innovative and useful bumpers on the planet, and it does all of that and more. The new bumper contains a rattle-free, swing-away spare tire carrier that uses a sturdy 1-inch-diameter pivot shaft and T-handle latch mechanism rated to hold as much as 2,000 pounds. The swing arm pivots on 2-inch sealed ball bearings for smooth operation and is powdercoated black to prevent rust. The intelligent design of the bumper allows a tire as large as 38 inches in diameter, has room for a jerrycan 5-gallon gas can to be stowed aboard, and still provides a home for a Hi-Lift jack. For more information, contact: Off-Road Technology, Dept. OR, 401 E. Fillmore St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907, (719) 633-1111, www.offroadtechnology.com.

Hard-Core HardwareTired of waiting for your local fab shop to build new shock hoops, wheel spacers, and all the other goodies you want for your Toyota truck? Advanced Off-Road Research has just the parts you need in stock and ready to ship to make your Toy' the hard-core off-road machine you've been dreaming of. In fact, A.O.R offers a No-Wait Guarantee on many of its most popular Toyota off-road parts, including BONZ shackles, extended front shock mounts, U-bolt flip kits, Orbit-Eye joints, and steel wheel spacers. New parts are being added regularly to the already healthy list of No-Wait parts. For more information, contact: Advanced Off-Road Research Inc., Dept. OR, 725 W. Grand Ave., Ste. B, Grand Junction, CO 81501, (970) 263-4300, www.aor4x4.com.

Mighty Mini StarterOver the years, starter technology has evolved and improved, giving buyers the option of purchasing smaller, lighter, and more powerful electric starters. Back in the day, a starter consisted of nothing more than a direct-drive, DC-powered electric motor. Down the road, the industry gave us gear-reduction starters that weighed less, took up less space, and offered more cranking power. Now the folks at Proform have developed a permanent magnet starter that is smaller in size and more powerful than gear-reduction starters.

The Proform permanent magnet starter can be indexed to 12 different mounting positions for a customized installation. It's also 30 percent lighter than most high-torque mini starters, for those of you concerned with saving weight. The permanent magnet starter is also easier on your truck's battery since the high-speed motor and deep-reduction planetary gear design draws less current and creates less heat than a traditional starter. Above all, this design features few moving parts, which will enable it to live a long and happy life beneath the hood of your truck or SUV. For more information, contact: Proform/Specialty Auto Parts Inc., Dept. OR, P.O. Box 306, Roseville, MI 48066, (586) 774-2500, www.proformparts.com.