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Land Rover LR3 - 4x Products

LR3 ProtectionThe Land Rover LR3 has been completely redesigned this year and demands a new ARB bumper perfectly suited to the new design. This ARB winch-compatible bumper features a split-pan design that promotes maximum airflow and obtains optimum strength from multiple folds in the metal. This folding process allows ARB to use lighter-weight steel with fewer welds, while providing unrivaled strength and vehicle protection. The durable steel construction also features ARB's signature five-fold upswept and tapered wing design for increased strength and improved approach angle.

For more information, contact: ARB USA, www.arbusa.com.

Sas Your Toyota PickupWhen the IFS suspension on your '86-'95 Toyota pickup or 4Runner just isn't enough, you might want to look into doing a solid-axle swap. Trail-Gear is proud to offer its new Toyota IFS Eliminator kit, which contains everything you need to install a solid front axle under your Toyota. The kit comes complete with leaf springs, long-travel shocks, high-steer crossover steering, a full-knuckle rebuild kit, wheel bearing kits, an upper axle gusset, and differential armor. Trail-Gear also has rear suspension kits available to match the front should you need both.

For more information, contact: Trail-Gear, (559) 252-4950, www.trail-gear.com.

4x4 Ignition KitWith all of the abuse we put our rigs through, we need products that can withstand a little torture. Jacobs now offers a new ignitionkit built with the four-wheel-drive enthusiast in mind. The company's new emissions-legal Off-Road Edition kit (PN 373546OR) is water-, heat-, and vibration-proof, and is fully encapsulated. It's rugged enough for trail abuse and still provides mileage improvements that make running your rig as practical as a daily driver. Installation is simple with no need to cut wires - simply use the OEM-style plug-and-play connectors, and you are ready to go.

For more information, contact: Jacobs Electronics, www.jacobselectronics.com.

Keep It CoolWith the summer season of four-wheeling upon us and temperatures rising, keeping your cooling system clean and running efficiently is crucial. Orison Marketing's new Evapo-Rust Cooling System Cleaner is a concentrated, eco-friendly formula designed to dissolve rust, carbon deposits, and cooling system blockages without harming steel, copper, brass, aluminum, rubber, or even silicone and plastic. Simply drain your cooling system, pour in the 32-ounce bottle, top off the radiator with water, run the engine with the heater on for one hour, drain, and refill with fresh water.

For more information, contact: Orison Marketing, (325) 692-1132, www.orisonmarketing.com.

Don't Rip Your Head OffIf you are blowing through spark plugs and unsure why, it might be time for you to do a spark plug port repair job. Starr Products offers the new Back-TapT spark plug hole thread repair kit which eliminates the need to pull the cylinder head off or install a Helicoil. It has also been designed to eliminate any cross-threading. Starr's patented design allows the tool to slip down inside the spark plug port past damaged threads and once inside the chamber it expands, engages the good, straight, undamaged threads at the bottom of the port and begins chasing threads from the bottom up.

For more information, contact: Starr Products, www.back-tap.com.

Moving On UpSuperlift expands its comprehensive line of lift systems and related accessories for Jeeps with a new 4-inch kit for the '05-'06 Grand Cherokee and '06 Commander. The brand-new '06 XK Commander shares the same suspension/chassis setup with the '05-'06 WK Grand Cherokee, and 4WD and 2WD platforms are basically identical. Superlift created a single system (the 2WD version deletes the front diff relocation hardware) that works for both four-wheeling and pavement-pounder models. This kit will clear 33 to 34x12.50-inch tires on 8.5-inch wheels with 5.5-inch backspacing.

For more information, contact: Superlift Suspension Systems, (800) 551-4955, www.superlift.com.

Dependable Light SourceSome of the top off-road racing teams use the new Baja Designs Soltek-series lighting systems. The company's new Fuego 4-inch single light is available in both HID and halogen light outputs using either Driving or Spot pattern beams. This light was developed by racers and comes equipped with a strong stainless steel mount and aluminum quick adjuster for easy light direction when navigating at night. Soltek beam patterns are specifically engineered for varying and rugged off-road terrain conditions.

For more information, contact: Baja Designs, (800) 422-5292, www.bajadesigns.com.

Power And PrestigeWe all want our vehicles to make more horsepower and perform well no matter what we throw at them, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice having our rides look great as well. Professional Products' new RealChrome intake manifold utilizes specially shaped anodes to evenly apply the chrome plating, which eliminates the yellow, thinly chromed areas often found on expensive custom-chromed manifolds. This new manifold is available for popular '57-'95 small-block Chevy engines, big-block Chevy with oval-port heads, small-block Ford 260-289-302, and small-block Ford 351 Windsor.

For more information, contact: Professional Products,(323) 779-2020. www.professional products.com.