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Interco TrXus MT 4X4 Off Road Tires - TrailReady Beadlocks

In our quest for the perfect tire-and-wheel combination for all situations, we've concluded that it doesn't exist. Street tires and wheels don't work off-road and hard-core dirt (or mud) tires and wheels don't work well on the pavement. Many beadlock wheels aren't legal for street use in some states, but running without beadlocks off-road when hanging it out is dangerous. All-terrain tread designs work fairly well everywhere, but when mounting them on a vehicle that's going to see a lot of dirt use, we'd like tread that is a bit more aggressive.

Interco TrXus MT radial light truck tires come very close to being the perfect all-around tire. While they look like a mild mud-terrain tire, their performance in sand, snow, ice, dirt, and rocks is flawless. They feature abundant siping and a tough sidewall that holds up great in sharp rocks. On-road performance is surprisingly good. The tires grip well and are very quiet. They're quiet until they wear out, that is. Once about two-thirds of the tread is gone, the tires produce a slight hum at highway speeds. The compound is soft and very sticky - great for off-road use. On-highway treadwear is average. We'll take a 40,000-mile tread-life tire like the TrXus any time, as we've yet to test a tire that has a 90,000-mile tread-life guarantee that works well off-road.

TrailReady has been offering quality beadlock wheels for years. For our use, the company built a set of 17x9-inch beadlocks around Mickey Thompson Classic II alloy wheels. We use the Classic IIs on many vehicles and have had no problems at all. TrailReady also offers beadlocks on forged aluminum and steel wheels. The TrailReady beadlocks each feature a beefy, 3/8-inch-thick, 6061-T6 billet aluminum clamp ring. While they've always been known for their wide rock ring, they now also offer a slim ring design that we like for easy access to the valve stem for quick air pressure checks and changes. The gold, zinc-plated, 5/16-inch Grade 8 bolt heads are in counterbored holes so they won't be snapping or rounding off. Anodized or powdercoated rings are also available.

The TrXus MT tires on TrailReady beadlock wheels work great. The tires don't exhibit the usual "radial bounce" because of their heavy-duty carcass and sidewall. As we mentioned before, their sand and rock performance is stunning. On-road performance is good too. The beadlocks are strong and keep the tire on the rim, no matter how low we go in air pressure. While the perfect tire-and-wheel combination for all situations doesn't exist, this combo comes very close.