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May 2009 Off-Road Hardware

Off-Road Hardware

New Dynatrac Pro-Steer Ball Joint Improves On- And Off-Road Performance And Reliability
Dynatrac, well-known for heavy-duty axle assemblies and components, is introducing a new, heavy-duty ProSteer ball joint engineered to deliver premium performance and increased reliability for Dana 50 and 60 front axle trucks, including 1992 to present Ford F-250/F-350 and 1994 to present Dodge 2500/3500 truck models.

Built to the same exacting standards as every Dynatrac product, the new Dynatrac ProSteer ball joint features several durability enhancements to deliver unsurpassed strength and reliability as compared to OEM units found on trucks utilizing Dana 50 or 60 front axles.

"Dynatrac recognized the need for a more durable, user-friendly ball joint design," said Jim McGean, president of Dynatrac. "We also wanted to engineer a ball joint that was easily serviceable - in the field or in the garage - so that enthusiasts of all levels wouldn't be faced with the downtime and expense of a shop or dealer-installed ball joint."

The new ProSteer ball joint includes high-strength billet steel bodies; extra-strength chromoly steel and heat-treated stems; leak-proof seals; MIL-SPEC heat-treated, precision-ground stainess steel ball; and Teflon-coated internal wear points. Ideal for do-it-yourselfers, the ProSteer ball joint also can be easily rebuilt in the field without any special equipment. This reduces repair costs and vehicle downtime. Available now, the new ProSteer ball joint also improves on- and off-road vehicle performance.
For More Information, Contact:
(714) 596-4461

Join The Militia: Chevymilitia.Com
Chevy Militia is for the true 4x4 enthusiast and has members across the United States, Canada, and overseas. Check out ChevyMilitia.com for 'wheeling photos, online forum, 4x4 movies, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers, etc. At ChevyMilitia.com, you'll find every size from XS to XXXL. ChevyMilitia.com T-shirts are made using heavyweight Hanes tagless Shirts. The shirts are available in black, white, and gray with more colors coming soon. ChevyMilitia.com sweatshirts are heavy-duty double knitted hoodies and are available in black and white. Trucker-style hats are available with two different logos. You'll also find Razor Back tanks tops with a ChevyMilitia.com skull-and-rose, Bella vintage T-Shirts and Militia Girl Booty Shorts, which are all available in an assortment of colors. With every purchase, you'll receive a free full-length CM2 All Or Nothing DVD. All or Nothing covers everything from 'wheeling, wakeboarding, moto, girls, partying, and a lot of mud!
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Cool Rack To Keep Your Stuff Stacked
Poly Performance Inc. introduces the universal Baja Basket. The Baja Basket is designed to create more space in your rig, and can hold your gear, coolers, spare parts and luggage. Available in three sizes, each Baja Basket is manufactured from high strength 16-gauge material using latest in CNC punch press equipment. The Baja Basket boasts a flared-hole design for form and function. The Baja Basket can hold 300 pounds and has the looks to match its strength. Each Baja Basket is available in raw unfinished metal and can be easily installed with basic fabrication know-how onto your off-road vehicle, sand car, truck, Jeep, or UTV.
For more information, Contact:
Poly Performance
(805) 783-2060

BDS 7-inch High-Clearance IFS Suspension For The '01-'08 Chevy/GMCV 2500 HD
BDS Suspension has released a seven-inch high-clearance IFS suspension system for the 2001-2008 Chevrolet 2500 HD. This new high-clearance design is a true blend of performance, appearance, and function. The suspension geometry creates an OE style ride with a desert racing appearance. The BDS system features high-arched crossmembers that blend perfectly with the lower control arm angles to give a truly OE appearance. This BDS system lifts your vehicle a full seven inches and dramatically increases ground clearance under the front crossmember. The torsion bars remain in their stock locations and are not dropped down. A heavy-duty front skid plate and differential skid plate is included for extreme off road protection. New narrow-track knuckles are also included to minimize track width change. Rear lift options include lift blocks or complete replacement leaf packs.
For More Information, Contact:
BDS Suspension
(517) 279-7404

New Twin-Screw Supercharger From Vortech
Vortech Engineering announces the availability of the Lysholm-design VL Series superchargers featuring the Twin-Screw concept. Through an agreement with Lysholm Technologies AB in Stockholm, Sweden, Vortech will distribute automotive systems and tuner kits in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With this agreement, Vortech becomes the only aftermarket manufacturer to offer both centrifugal and twin-screw, compression-type superchargers.

The VL is a unique positive-displacement design that provides maximum low-end torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top end horsepower. It is more efficient, and it's easier to make boost with 20 PSIG+ levels possible.

Initial vehicle applications include late model GM trucks & SUVs with LS-type V-8 motors plus Tuner Kits (without calibration/fuel management) for LS-based Street Rods in 2.3L and 3.3L compressor sizing providing a 40- to 50-percent-plus increase in power.

Features include a plenum design with increased volume that allows for an unrestricted flow to the intake port, and oversized dual pass air/water charge cooler, providing 50 percent more contact area, for a lower discharge temperature. The manifold provides for upgrading to the larger 3.3L compressor.

Integrated bypass valve and fuel rail mount positions are provided. Calibration is accomplished using the DiabloSport Predator hand-held programmer that controls ignition timing and fuel enrichment. These are complete bolt-on systems including all necessary belts, pulleys and fasteners.
For additional information, Contact:
Vortech Engineering
(805) 889-2350

Bench Racing Just Got Faster
OMF Performance produces more than just beadlocks. OMF recently developed a race stool which can be customized to fit in any home, garage, or race shop. OMF will customize the seat pad of your race stool with custom colored fabrics, piping, and even embroidery. To compliment the color of your pad, custom powdercoated or polished legs and foot rests are also available. OMF Race Stools feature a three-legged design for a sure-footed feeling on any surface, and have two rubber feet on each leg for scratch-free use on most flooring. The OMF Race Stool features a modular design which easily disassembles with hand tools for shipping or transport. The basic model has a black pad and raw aluminum legs, but custom colors, polishing, and embroidery are all available as upgrades.
For More Information, Contact:
OMF Performance Products
(951) 354-8272

Stop Faster
Dialing in the front-to-rear brake balance is an important factor in a sure-stopping brake system. Responding to popular demand, EBC Brakes has introduced rear brake pad applications to complement the high-friction EBC Yellowstuff pads made for front brake calipers.

EBC Yellowstuff pads have a higher friction level than most stock or aftermarket brakes, and can offer a decent upgrade in stopping power for trucks used at speed or under heavy loads. With pressure-metering or load-sensing valves it is advisable to have the same friction levels at the front and rear wheels to maximize braking. According to EBC, Yellowstuff brake pads should never be used exclusively for rear brakes. Instead, use EBC Yellowstuff brake pads both front and rear for sure stopping and correct front-to-rear brake balance. Using EBC Yellowstuff brake pads front and rear can increase your stopping power by 10-15% according to EBC.

EBC pads also come coated with a unique "Brake-in" surface coating that includes thin layer of mild abrasives that aid new pad bed-in and scrubs off the glaze and tar spots on your rotors when new Yellowstuff pads are installed. The "Brake-in" coating is designed to wear away after 50 to 100 miles to reveal the actual pad compound.
For More Information, Contact:
EBC Brakes

A Better Rhino Rack
Billet King has a solution for the weaknesses inherent in the stock Yamaha Rhino rack and pinion unit. Billet Kings replacement rack and pinion features a one-piece, CNC-machined aluminum housing with bronze bushings at each end to ensure smooth steering. The tie rods are made from high-strength 2024 aluminum and use chromoly rod ends and high-misalignment spacers. The tie rod clevises are CNC machined for a precision fit. Grade-8 mounting hardware is included with the Billet King Rhino Rack. The Billet King rack is available as a rack only, or with stock- or long-travel-style tie rods.
For More Information, Contact:
Billet King
(760) 948-4355