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July 2009 New Products - Off Road Hardware

Off Road Hardware

New Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil
With the introduction of Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 motor oil, owners of diesel-powered pickup trucks can now enjoy all of the benefits of synthetic motor oil with the protection offered by API CJ-4 motor oil. Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 offers significant improvements in wear protection, soot control, deposit control, heat resistance and protection in extreme climates. The motor oil can also provide enhanced fuel economy versus conventional 15W-40 motor oil. Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 meets or exceeds API CJ-4 specifications.
Through increased levels of high-performance ashless chemistry that help keep soot particles separated, Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 protects against oil thickening caused by soot and other contaminants. This helps keep the motor oil flowing for good start-up and under all operating conditions. Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 provides up to a 36-percent improvement in soot control at typical motor oil soot levels.
For more information, contact: Shell Rotella www.rotella.com

Bushwacker Flares for the '09 Ram
After the much-anticipated launch of the redesigned 2009 Dodge Ram pickup, Bushwacker has released four new flare styles for the 2009-and-newer 1500-series Ram trucks. From aggressive, off-road style to eye-catching, urban looks, the new Bushwacker flares offer a variety of custom, stylish aftermarket options for Ram owners. They have four options to choose from-Street Style, Pocket Style, Extend-A-Fender, and OE Style flares. All four styles of Bushwacker flares offer a free Limited Lifetime Guarantee, feature no-drilling installation and are engineered with 100-percent UV protection to eliminate chalking, cracking or warping. They come in an OEM matte black finish and can easily be custom painted to match the factory color of any Ram pickup.
For more information, contact: Bushwacker (800) 234-8920 www.bushwacker.com

New Intake Manifold For Ford's 7.3L PowerStroke
CFMPlus, introduces the first aftermarket intake manifold for the Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Diesel ('99-'03). Using patented manufacturing technology and utilizing high-temperature composite materials, CFM Plus has created a unique two-piece manifold system that will increase power, reduce EGT's, and provide better fuel economy. The CFMPlus 7.3 Powerstroke intake manifold will be available in gloss-black-with-red or gloss-black-and-polished versions.
For more information, contact: CFMPlus (760) 598-2478 www.cfmplus.com

Dynatrac Trail Series 44's for Jeep YJ, TJ, and JK Wranglers
Dynatrac has introduced a new TRAILSeries44 axle for popular 1987 to present Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ and JK models. The Dynatrac TRAILSeries44 axle for Jeeps features several high-performance, high durability features, including a precision-engineered design that speeds installation on the popular Jeep models. The TRAILSeries44 axle also includes the same 100-percent American-made components used on the company's Pro Series axles. Completely bolt-on, the new axle is delivered fully assembled with simple, easy-to-follow installation instructions.
Utilizing larger and more robust U-joints, the new axle also allows enthusiasts to choose their preferred gear ratio (4.10, 4.88, 5.13, and 5.38:1) with an electric, selectable locking differential. Featuring 13.25-inch front, 12.5-inch rear disc brake assemblies and parking brake, the latest axle from Dynatrac includes Dana 44 standard-cut rear and high-pinion front axle housings; 30-spline induction hardened steel axle shafts; increased strength new generation Dana 44 ring and pinions with bigger bearings; and a Pro Series nodular diff cover.
For more information, contact: Dynatrac (714) 596-4461 www.dynatrac.com

Black Anodized Custom Aluminum Radiators From Mark 7 Radiators
Now you can have the look of an original style radiator and the superior cooling benefits of aluminum. Mark 7 Radiators can build you an aluminum radiator, specifically for your vehicle, for less than most off the shelf generic radiator suppliers. The pictured radiator was specifically built for a big-block four-speed resto-mod street machine and will easily cool up to 750hp in ambient 100 degree weather.
Since aluminum is a more efficient heat conductor than the traditional copper/brass radiator, the heat transfer to the coolant is also quicker. This semi-gloss black original equipment style radiator has dual 1-inch tube cores, and 1.25-inch cores will be available shortly for mega horsepower engines. Mark 7 Radiators has sixteen different anodized colors available and can manufacture a radiator for almost any year, make or model car or truck. A diesel truck version is also available.
For more information, contact: Mark 7 Radiator (877) 777-7505 www.mark7radiators.com

Lokar Competitor Series Throttle Assemblies
Lokar Performance Products introduces the new Competitor Series throttle assemblies. Designed with a unique internal spanner nut ensuring perfect pedal tension, this pedal is in a class of its own. The built-in tensioning feature eliminates the possibility of excess 'slop' in the throttle pedal.
Another standout feature of the Competitor Series throttle pedal is its sturdy mounting base. The design of this pedal has enables a mounting base over an inch and a quarter wide, yet the base retains a narrow and sleek appearance. The mounting base is available in either a centered or an offset version which will raise or lower the center of the throttle assembly a full inch. This feature is incredibly accommodating when installing the pedal in a vehicle which already has the throttle cable installed.
The Competitor Series throttle assemblies are made with large-diameter 0.75-inch 48-tooth fine-spline steel insert to provide the ultimate in strength and durability. The fine splines allow for infinitely adjustable arms which can also be swapped for right-and-left adjustment of the throttle pad.
All of these features coupled with a spring-loaded throttle pad, Delrin bushings, and superior design have made the Competitor Series throttle pedal among the finest and most versatile throttle pedals available. Competitor Series throttle assemblies are available in a brushed or black finish.
For more information, contact: Lokar Performance Products (877) 469-7440 www.lokar.com

DT Pro Fab's Dodge Upgrade Kit
DT Pro Fab was the originator of the replacement Dodge track bars and control arms that fixed so many '94-'01 Dodge Rams, and they kept right on going with the '03-'09 Dodge 2500 4x4 trucks. The newly redesigned DT track bar kit comes with a large 0.875-inch QA1 rod end on one end, and a large urethane bushing set on the other. Both sides are completely adjustable and can fit trucks from stock to 8 inches of lift. The DT link arms fit directly in place of the factory arms and can be ordered in either stock length, 0.5-inch-longer, or 1-inch-longer versions to set the axle forward. The DT arms come with urethane ends to cushion the suspension and dampen any vibrations from the road up to the frame. Parts can be ordered separately or together as a package.
For more information, contact: DT Pro Fab (928) 776-4129 www.dtprofab.com

Step Up To The Truck 'N Buddy Pickup Step/Seat
The Truck 'N Buddy is a tailgate step that doubles as a seat. This 16-pound aircraft aluminum unit stores by hooking on the tailgate. When unfolded, the Truck 'N Buddy is a bed step for aging pets as well as and aging truck owners as heavy as 300 pounds. It also functions as a seat for tailgating, sporting clay shooting, camping and even for changing golf cleats. The platform is supported by 1,700-pound test cables and has traction ridges for sure footing. A handy grab-rail promotes safe stepping. Made in the United States, the Truck 'N Buddy is finished in durable black powder-coat enamel. MSRP is $179.For more information, contact: Great Day Inc. (866) 649-1918 www.greatdayinc.com