UTV & ATV Accessories - Toys Of Summer

    Cool Accessories That Make Fine Rides

    Four-wheelers love their four-wheelers. The newest love affair is with the "side-by-sides." In fact, they are so popular now, they have become a segment unto themselves in the all-terrain-vehicle world, much like SUVs on the automotive side. Some liken the side-by-sides to the 21st Century version of the earliest Jeeps.

    It's no surprise, either. Being able to have all the maneuverability and go-anywhere four-wheel-drive capabilities of a big ATV with greater hauling and towing capability, coupled with the added bonus of bringing along some buddies, is tough for most wheelers and outdoor types to ignore. And the new Toys of Summer have enough power on tap to make the most dubious smile.

    Let's face it: Side-by-sides are just plain hot. So are a lot of the new products hitting the market-and there's a pile of them from which to choose. If you thought it'd be cool to have this item or that for your side-by-side, chances are really good some enterprising company out there makes exactly what you want.

    We took a quick stroll through the thick forest of the Internet, Googling our way toward products and companies that specialized in aftermarket goodies for side-by-sides. What we found is a seemingly unending trail of cool items for those hot summer days running the desert, climbing dunes, four-wheeling the deepest backwoods trails, or just plain joy riding.

    Camo is also taking on a great wave of acceptance, so if you want your ATV to be really sick, add a little Mossy Oak or Realtree to your ride while you're in the movin-up mode....

    Rhino Cover
    Side-by-side owners looking for a way to protect valuables in their Yamaha Rhino bed will find the new Diamondback Rhino Cover a winner. This aluminum diamond-plate box provides lockable storage for the Rhino with a secure cover that allows for top hauling, and mounts using the Rhino's existing hardware. Info: 800/935-4002, www.diamondbackcovers.com

    RZR Sharp
    Polaris RZR owners will love these Mossy Oak full bucket seat covers. They feature 600-denier PVC-backed polyester with elastic cord sewn into the seam for easy installation on the seat back and bottom. The covers protect your seats from punctures and daily wear. Instructions and all necessary items are included. Info: 336/670-2186, www.greenemountain.net

    Born To Tow
    Hidden Hitch, a division of towing giant Cequent Towing Products, offers this Universal ATV Hitch that is one example of a product in a new and broad line of hitches and towing accessories innovatively designed specifically for the ATV/UTV market. The Universal Hitch allows users to tow a variety of trailer types with one convenient hitch. Info: 800/632-3290, www.hiddenhitch.com

    Electronic Muscle
    Smoke every other side-by-side and many race quads with your Kawasaki Teryx running a Race Level CDI from Dragonfire Racing. The electronic box plugs into the existing factory harness and instantly gives a 57mph top speed and 31 extra rear-wheel horsepower at 9,000 rpm. A toggle switch on the unit allows the user to switch between two preloaded setups to run cooler, produce more horsepower and torque, while minimizing fuel consumption. Info: 800/708-9803, www.dragonfireracing.com

    Mean In Greene
    Leave it to the folks at Greene Products to be the first out with a Mossy Oak full cab enclosure for the new Polaris Ranger Crew. It's made from 600-denier, PVC-backed polyester and has a heavy acrylic windshield and four removable zip-out doors. Installation is quick and simple with instructions and needed items included. The doors include a roll-up feature to fasten them to your rollcage. This will allow driver and passenger entry, while leaving the doors attached to the vehicle. It's also available for the Kawasaki Teyrx. Info: 336/670-2186, www.greenemountain.net

    Tired Is Good
    Great traction and superb ride quality are wrapped in this fine TerraCross R/T radial from ITP. The TerraCross R/T's unique rubber compounds, interlocking tread pattern, and wide footprint allow it to deliver exceptional traction and flotation, making it ideal for mud, snow, and sand. It's available in both 12- and 14-inch rim sizes including all-new 25x9R-14 and 25x10R-14 models. Info: www.itptires.com

    Handle It All
    No hunter's side-by-side should be without the Handle-All. This multi-functional tool from the Hi-Lift Jack Company consists of a telescoping handle and four fullsize, interchangeable implements: Shovel, sledge hammer, axe, and pick. The Handle-All stores compactly in any vehicle, providing the right tool when it's needed. Info: 812/384-4441, www.hi-lift.com

    Waterproof Gear Bag
    Ever been on a trail to your favorite hunting camp in the pouring rain, only to discover when you get there that your gear's soaking wet? Not good. Avoid that mess with a waterproof, air-tight ATV Cargo Bag from Classic Accessories' QuadGear Extreme line. The cargo bag attaches securely with heavy-duty straps and adjustable buckles. The straps double as a carrying handle, or use the included padded shoulder strap to carry the bag hands-free. Info: 253/395-3900, www.classicaccessories.com

    Never Lost
    Taking a new direction in precision, all-purpose navigation, the innovative new Lowrance XOG cross-navigation, 12-channel GPS features ready-to-go street navigation and loads of optional outdoor maps. Rugged, weatherproof, fully portable, and super-accurate with multimedia extras, the new XOG is the one-for-all companion for all your travels inside the truck, on the trail, or in the boat. Info: 918/437-6881, www.lowrance.com

    Weather A Storm
    No other accessory is appreciated more on a wet day than an enclosed cab. J.Strong Industries offers a full line of Yamaha Rhino cab add-ons including its new side enclosures that have a 30-gauge clear acrylic window for easy viewing. The enclosures use a hook-and-loop fastening system and J-hooks to mount to J.Strong half-doors. Info: 877/444-4147, www.jstrongindustries.com

    Quick Draw
    Great Day now offers a universal-mounting, two-gun (or bow) rack for your UTV. The Quick-Draw Rack system fits all side-by-side type utility vehicles, mounts in a stand-alone fashion, and can be positioned at various angles for quick access and maximum use of passenger space. Info: 866/649-1918, www.greatdayinc.com

    Double Gun Carrier
    Transport your rifles safely on your UTV to and from remote hunting camps or shooting ranges with the new QuadGear Extreme UTV Double Gun Carrier from Classic Accessories. The carrier keeps two rifles or shotguns protected and ready, and has three large gear pockets for extra ammunition or other items. The case attaches securely to the back of UTV rollcages with D-rings, heavy-duty straps, and quick-release buckles. Info: 253/395-3900, www.classicaccessories.com

    Dragon Fire
    Hard-core desert runners behind the wheel of the new Kawasaki Teryx 750 will love Dragon Fire's long-travel suspension. It's a full-on race suspension kit that provides 14 inches of travel, and is 6 inches wider per side. The kit features plated chromoly arms relocated to the rear shock tower, and the rear shock mounts to the lower A-arm. The kit also includes Elka shocks, axles, tie rods, brake lines, and all-new A-arms. Info: 800/708-9803, www.dragonfireracing.com

    Comfy Bench
    The Corbeau Baja Bench is the perfect addition to your Yamaha Rhino. Standard features include: Military-grade suspension cord system, powdercoated steel frame, harness belt capability, custom bracket for easy installation, and superior comfort. The Baja Bench is available in both a 36- and 42-inch-wide option. Corbeau also offers padded buckets in the same style. Info: 801/255-3737, www.corbeau.com

    Soft Scabbard
    This Mossy Oak camo'd UTV Gun Scabbard from Moose Utility Division keeps your shotgun or rifle well protected inside. It's made from heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric. It also has two large and one small exterior pockets to keep ammo and small accessories. Roll-up closures on both ends allow for fast, easy accessibility to firearms, and adjustable straps make it easy to attach to the UTV frame. Info: www.mooseutilities.com, or check your local ATV/UTV dealer.

    Moose Console
    Constructed of waterproof fabric and soft-flex PVC backing, this Mossy Oak camo UTV Console bag from Moose Utilities also doubles as a shoulder bag when not strapped to the seat. The interior compartment measures 9x10x13 inches, with two insulated water-bottle pockets, interior mesh pocket, and side mesh pockets. Info: www.mooseutilities.com, or check your local ATV/UTV dealer.

    Sun Stopper
    The Rugged Ridge Summer Pocket Brief is a great way to keep the sun and summer downpours off your head, and the interior of your Rhino protected from the elements. Constructed from your choice of nylon, sun-stop mesh, or durable soft-top fabric, there is a design of pocket brief to fit every need and budget. All Summer Briefs are custom-fit for the Yamaha Rhino and install with nylon web straps and snaps. Info: 770/614-6101, www.omix-ada.com

    HID UTV Lights
    Vision-X Off-Road has upped the ante with its all-new UTV plug-and-play HID headlight kits. The UTV HID headlight kits are direct factory replacement for most major-brand side-by-sides and ATVs. These plug-and-play kits fit directly into the factory headlight housings, producing six times the light of the factory halogen bulb with a quarter of the amp draw. Info: 800/994-4460, www.visionxoffroad.com

    Quad Duals
    If you need maximum traction for your 4x4 quad, double the tires. Dual Concepts' Clic ATV Dual instantly turns any ATV into a dualie or even a dual-dualie (dual wheels at each corner). This easy-to-install and easy-to-remove product increases both traction and stability. Duals at each corner are said to have enough buoyancy to float an ATV. Info: 515/306-1028, www.dual-concepts.com

    Strong Box
    J.Strong Industries has a number of great side-by-side accessories, including this steel center console with its built-in cup holders and lockable storage. The box comes powdercoated black with weather-resistant seals around all openings. It mounts to the floor with included stainless steel screws. Info: 877/444-4147, www.jstrongindustries.com

    Teryx Power
    Kawasaki's hot Teryx SxS can be tuned for even more impressive power with the new Teryx ignition system from Dragon Fire Racing. This plug-'n'-go factory replacement ignition system includes the proper wiring harness and a new timing curve. The ignition works seamlessly with all digital dashes and 4x4 systems. A dual-mode race-level version is also available. Info: 800/708-9803, www.dragonfireracing.com

    Hot Led Lights
    Led light technology has made such great advances that VisionX now offers a wide array of high-intensity models ideal for use on ATVs and side-by-sides. One popular model is the 8-inch Xmitter, which produces the equivalent of two 55-watt quartz-halogens with one-fifth of the amp draw. It's available in chrome or black housings. Info: 800/994-4460, www.visionxoffroad.com

    Top Shelf
    No one does side-by-side tops better than J.Strong. Its new EK116 Rhino top includes four 55-watt quartz-halogen driving lights, JVC CD/MP3 stereo, and speakers all integrated into the heavy-duty double-layer thermoformed top. It's a cutting-edge top that allows you to keep your favorite high-dollar accessories high and dry. Info: 877/444-4147, www.jstrongindustries.com

    Mule Skinner
    Texas Hunt Company's Muleskinner is the first mobile, modular, weapons and gear storage system designed for side-by-sides. Texas Hunt designed a system that safely carries two scoped rifles on the front and neatly organizes and secures cell phones, binoculars, GPS, radios, knives, multitools, flashlights, and ammo on the back side. Info: 888/894-8682, www.texashuntco.com

    MasterCrafted Seats
    MasterCraft, an industry leader in performance seats, has an assortment of performance accessories for the popular '07-'08 Polaris RZR and Yamaha Rhino, including two new seats, seat adapter kits and grab handles. The low-profile MasterCraft Sportsman seat features several safety and performance enhancements to deliver premium comfort and security to the vehicle. Info: 800/565-4042, www.mastercraftseats.com