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Warn Pullzall: The Come-Along Killer

Say Hello To Your New Best Friend

Robin StoverPhotographer, Writer

Here at Four Wheeler, "valuable" is a word we try to use sparingly when describing products we test. After all, our perception of value can differ quite a bit from, say that of a farmer on a tractor stuck up to his elbows in mud. However in the case of the new Warn PullzAll, we think the word "valuable" is more than appropriate. While the PullzAll is not necessarily designed for vehicle extractions, especially those that include farm equipment, it is, however, quite capable of hoisting, pulling, or dragging 1,000 pounds up to a distance of 15 feet. While that may not seem like much compared to other winching products available today, we assure you that the PullzAll's true value is evident right out of the box.

The unit's quality is right in line with what we've come to expect from such an industry mainstay. The folks at Warn Industries thought through every little detail prior to releasing this new tool. When it comes to getting a tough job done, the PullzAll shows its rugged side, making an otherwise impossible task seem simple. Considering the many uses where a PullzAll can save time and energy, the word "valuable" fits just right.

Gone are the risks associated with dropping that new LS7 motor in between the framerails of your old Jeep. Missing is the awkwardness of using hand-held jacks and come-alongs for a source of tension while stringing up wire fencing around the ranch. Absent is the physical exertion associated with muscling the latest big-game prize up for dressing. Whatever the task, Warn's PullzAll is your new best friend, and one whose value outshines the initial purchase price with ease.