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July 2011 Parts Rack - New Products

Ford 9-Inch Seal Saver, Dana 60 Ram Truss, JK Armor, and More!

Savvy Seal Protection for Ford 9-inch
The Ford 9-inch axle has long been favored by builders of go-fast desert race vehicles. However, excessive heat from extended use can result in increased oil pressure, which is known to separate the pinion seal from the front of the case. Samco Fabrication has a simple solution that solves this problem. It’s called a bolt-on 9-inch seal retainer. This part is cheap insurance against pinion bearing failure. The unit bolts onto the third member and provides support to counteract the internal pressure of the hot gear oil. At only $25 for the zinc-coated, cut and formed bearing retainer, even the most experienced fabricator can appreciate the value in this simple, elegant solution to a potentially costly problem. Info: Samco Fabrication, 775/856-4100, www.samcofabrication.com

Dana 60 Ram Truss
Artec Industries recently announced the Chevy front Dana 60 hydraulic ram mount and truss system. This heavy-duty truss system is designed to take serious abuse and protect some of the most vital and expensive components under your vehicle. The unique design places a double-ended ram in its most effective and strongest location—close to the axle centerline, not high above it—while protecting it from the rocks with the integrated ¼-inch-thick skidplate. The truss system fits both PSC Motorsports and Howe Performance double-ended hydraulic rams. The 3⁄8-inch-thick truss extends from end-to-end of the axletube, providing a location for mounting your suspension links while also reinforcing the axlehousing against deflection. This product is made in the U.S. Info: Artec Industries, 520/906-9977, www.artecindustries.com

Arm Your JK
River Raider now offers full corner armor for your two- or four-door JK. Available in 3⁄16-inch steel or aluminum, the corners are contoured to match the JK body. They feature a built-in recessed taillight bucket that allows the use of any flush-mount LED taillamps. Included are all flush stainless-steel mounting hardware necessary to complete the installation. Each set is available with or without a flare for standard or stretched-wheelbase models. Some drilling and cutting is required. Info: River Raider, 717/262-3079, www.riverraider.com

Affordable 14-Bolt Disc Brake Conversion
If you own an older-style GM Corporate 14-bolt rear axle, you probably have drum brakes—which are less desirable for trail use. However, thanks to the innovators at Right Gear and Axle, any old-school 14-bolt rearend can be easily upgraded to disc brakes using late-model OEM 14-bolt parts found on the rearend of 2002-and-later Chevy trucks. Comprised of two billet steel adapter flanges and mounting hardware, this product offers an affordable and effective way to improve brake performance while also adding a functional e-brake. It’s manufactured right here in the U.S., and as the photo illustrates, the adapter flanges simply bolt to your existing end flanges with no cutting, welding or custom fabrication required. Info: Right Gear and Axle, 831/424-3715, www.rightgear.com

Premium Fastener Kits for Warn Winches
ARP just released an assortment of Premium Fastener kits designed exclusively for Warn winch models. The hardware is made out of ARP’s patented ARP300 stainless-steel material or ARP’s black oxide 8740 chromoly in your choice of hex or 12-point-style bolt heads. Each version is rated at 180,000 psi of tensile strength, and each features built-in shoulders or flanges to help distribute clamping force across the mounting surface. We tested a set designed for the Warn 16.5ti winch recently and found the fit and finish to be second to none. With 12-point bolt heads, the fasteners provide a level of security in places we might otherwise be fearful of winch theft. Info: Automotive Racing Products, 800/826-3045, www.arp-bolts.com