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Bullet Proof FICM Power Supply

Give Your 6.0L Power Stroke a Wake-Up Call

While the 6.0L Power Stroke is an overall good turbocharged diesel engine packed into a great truck, there are a few inherent problems that plague the 6.0L. Topping the list are oil cooler and high-pressure oil pump issues (which lead to fuel injector issues), head gaskets issues, EGR cooler issues, turbocharger issues, and FICM (fuel injection control module) issues.

This may sound like a lot of problems, but there is good news. There are millions of 6.0L owners (like us) who were determined to get their Fords up and running. These owners, along with the aftermarket, have figured out a fix for every common problem that the 6.0Ls exhibit. And now Bullet Proof Diesel—an originator of a couple of those famous 6.0L fixes—has come up with a better solution than just a modified factory module for a fickle FICM.

Introducing the new Bullet Proof FICM power supply in either four- or six-phase versions (available for both four- and seven-pin FICMs). The BPD FICM replacement is used to replace only the power supply circuit board side of the FICM; it does not replace the logic board so no reprogramming is needed. Nine out of 10 times, the power supply is what fails within the FICM.

The four-phase unit has a fixed 48 volts (OE voltage spec), and the six-phase version gives options of the factory 48 or ramping up the power to 53 or 58 volts (but this also costs $200 more).

While we don't have any experience using a new BPD FICM in our own 6.0L (yet), we were witness to an install of one and can tell you that the sound of the fuel injectors and idle changed immediately to give a smoother-running engine. The FICM fix is said to help with injector sticking and cold-weather drivability, and allows for faster start-ups and even an increase in fuel economy. Even if your 6.0L is still running, the chances are that your original FICM's voltage is not hitting the target and a new BPD FICM will wake up your 6.0L. It just may be the final fix to perfect your '03-to-'07 Super Duty.