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Four-Link Your Ford - McGaughy's Suspension Parts

Eight Inches For 37S

Off-Road StaffPhotographerChris RogersWriter

Known throughout the lowering world for high-quality drop kits, McGaughy's Suspension Parts is a bit of a newcomer to the off-road industry. They peEked their head in a few years ago to show us some of what they were planning, but since then they've really ramped up with kits for Chevys built after 2001 and now kits for the current F-150 and Super Duty, as well.

We got a first glimpse at McGaughy's new four-link conversion Super Duty kit that lifts the truck 8 inches while converting the radius arm suspension to four separate links. You should be able to purchase this suspension by the time this magazine hits newsstands, so keep your eyes peeled.