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Off Road Unlimited Disc Brake Kit - Braking News

ORU's Late-Model 14-bolt Disc Brake Kit

If you have added bigger tires to your late-model ('92-and-up) 31/44-ton or 1-ton Chevy, or you tow with it, then you have probably discovered that it does not stop all that well. These rigs do not have great brakes to start with, and the extra weight of big tires or a heavy load does not do any favors for the stock braking system. To solve this dilemma, Off Road Unlimited offers a rear disc brake conversion kit that dramatically improves braking performance and is easy to install. Not only does the kit come with rear discs, but it also includes a new proportioning valve and master cylinder, which helps to increase braking performance.

Here is the complete Off Road Unlimited disc brake kit. It is very easy to install because the hubs come packed with bearings and grease, which means you don't need a press. Pre-bent lines come with the kit, which cuts out a lot of headache for the driveway installer.