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York Compressor - Massive Trailhead Air

The Oasis Compressor Pumps It Up

Rick PewePhotographer, Writer

Airing down your tires makes for a better ride and greater traction on the trail, but it can be a real pain to fill them back up after you hit the pavement. In the old days, wheelers used to poke a stick in the valve core to release air, or remove the core entirely. Through the years many different manufacturers have devised gadgets and tools to release air quickly and easily, with some working great and others not worth the trouble to use. Oasis Off Road came up with its Trailhead Deflators a few years ago, which simply screw onto your stems and can even be used as you drive. Adjustable and quite simple, these deflators are a standard of the industry.

But what to do about getting that precious air back in the tire? John Williams at Oasis Off Road realized that the bigger tires common today require a lot of air to be brought back to street pressure, and most small electric compressors would take up to 30 minutes per tire to refill. One option many 4x4 owners have done to their rigs is to convert a York air conditioning compressor to run off the engine, which provides plenty of air. But if you have limited engine space or an engine that won't run, other options are needed for quick tire fills. Williams decided to take the venerable York compressor and hook it to an electric motor, and the results are decidedly awesome.

With our trail rig now running 37-inch BFG Krawler tires at 5 pounds on the trail and 25 on the street, our current stable of inflators was far too slow, so we decided to try the new Trailhead Air Compressor. A York compressor isn't exactly light or small, and hooked to an electric motor the thought of a bulky unit wasn't too appealing. But at only 45 pounds for the whole assembly in a nice tight package, we decided to slip it under the passenger seat along with an extra battery. Extensive testing and use proved the Trailhead compressors worthy on the trail and off. In less than five minutes we could air all four tires up to street pressure and be on the road, which is barely enough time to unlock the hubs, adjust the shocks, and shoot the bull with your friends. Check out our install and awesome results that actually rival our big home-shop compressor.