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Surplus Michelin Tires - Big Bead-locked Beauties

16.5- And 20-Inch Internal Bead Locks

Fred WilliamsPhotographer, Writer

Military tires and wheels are way cool, and we found some products to help you run surplus tires and wheels on your weekend warrior. The first thing you might ask is why would I want to run used tires and wheels on my rig? When we say surplus wheels we mean the 16.5-inch Hummer bead locks. Not only are they cheap, but USA 6x6 can change the bolt pattern and backspacing to match whatever you would like. Plus, USA 6x6 now has PVC internal bead locks that lock both the inner and outer bead of your tire. The PVC pieces replace the harder-to-find rubber or magnesium runflat/ bead locks that are the standard type used with the Hummer bead locks.

As for tires, USA 6x6 is working with Stazworks to bring to market some of the biggest DOT-approved tires around. The 52-inch Michelins are usually run on huge eight-wheel-drive military rigs, but now some ingenious wheelers could get a set and have the biggest darn meats at the mud hole. In addition, Stazworks manufactures 20-inch bead locks that can be set up for any bolt pattern from stock Jeep to 211/42-ton Rockwell. Let us warn you that we would never recommend running 52-inch tires on anything less than the 211/42-ton axles, considering that each wheel and tire combo weighs over 300 pounds!

If you are working on plans for the biggest rig in your neck of the woods, contact USA 6x6 for everything from tires and wheels to axles to turn them.