Innovate Motorsports Rad-1 Digital Inclinometer

    Neat New & Basic!

    Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

    Some Of You might remember those old inclinometers that you could find stock in the first-generation Toyota 4Runners. They had a cool factor to them, showing you front-to-rear and side-to-side angles via two readouts. Two decades later, Innovate Motorsports has come out with the RAD-1, a digital inclinometer that gives 0- to 60-degree readings for both X and Y axes. But this unit is a bit more advanced than those old spinning balls found in the 4Runners. The RAD-1 will allow you to set warnings, zero-out your center, recall maximum angles, and more. Inclinometers like this are not for going fast, and will only really be useful moving under 5 mph, but at low speeds they can help you decide if that sidehilling or drop is too much for your rig or not.

    Left Thumb Aerobics

    1 time Uo Volume
    2 times rP Recall max passenger angle
    3 times rD Recall max driver angle
    4 times rF Recall front angle
    5 times rb Recall back angle
    6 times rE Recall angle erase (reset)
    7 times SP Set passenger max angle
    8 times Sd Set driver max angle
    9 times SF Set front max angle
    10 times Sb Set back max angle
    11 times br Set screen brightness

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