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June 2008 New 4x4 Truck Products

4 Inches Bigger Guaranteed!

Nah, this is a present for you, not your sweetheart. We're talking about upping your new '07 Chevy or GMC fullsize 4x4 four inches in the air with Rock Krawler's new X- Factor kits. The kits are extremely simple and easy to put on your IFS truck compared to the kits of the past, and both the SUV and truck kits will allow you to set 33-inch tires under your ride.
Information: Rock Krawler Suspension, 518.270.9822, www.rockkrawler.com

Super Snatch

Getting stuck is part of the game, but getting unstuck is where you can really show your wheeling talents. All recoveries are not created equal and neither are all pieces of recovery equipment. The ARB Snatch Block 9000 uses a two-piece polymer pulley design so that either steel cable or winch rope can be used. The design of the block is safer with rounded edges and lighter to reduce the added weight that a full bag of recovery gear is known for. It is also engineered so that the outer plates clamp together when under the load of winching to strengthen the unit.
Information: ARB, 866.293.9078, www.arbusa.com

Breathe, Buggy, Breathe

Advanced Flow Engineering aka aFe Filters is now offering its new Stage 1 XP Universal Off-Road Canister cold-air intake. This large plastic canister houses a massive 151/2-inch Pro Dry-S pre-air filter and has an upper scoop to force the air down into the filter. Designed so it can be plumbed to your engine with 4-inch tubing, this 191/2-inch by 93/4-inch canister intake can be remotely mounted, so whether it's a mud truck or desert buggy you can always have a fresh, clean charge of air.
Information: Advanced Flow Engineering, 866.503.9911 www.afepower.com

Rubber Baby Bumper

Looking for some simple way to protect your truck or trailer when backing up? HDC is now offering the ABumper, a rubber bumper pad intended for a wide range of applications on trucks, delivery vehicles, utility vehicles, fleets, and trailers. The ABumper is designed to reduce or prevent light- to medium-impact damage of colliding vehicles or objects. Damaged pads can easily be replaced and reduce costly vehicle downtime.
Information: HDC, 877.725.3432, www.poplocks.com

Bigfoot For Hi-Lift

The Hi-Lift Jack is a staple of any off-roader's toolbox, but it can be dangerous when used on loose or rocky terrain. Luckily BBP Fabrications is offering a new wider foot for the Hi-Lift with aggressive cleats to help locate it on hard or soft terrain. There are two versions: the Add-A-Base, which bolts onto the standard Hi-lift foot; and the Replace-A-Base, which replaces the stock flat foot.
Information: BBP Fabrications, 610.609.6513, www.bbpfab.com

Devour The Dark

When the sun goes down the trails don't roll up and disappear, so bolt on a set of PIAA's new HID Shock Lamps. Tested and developed in 24-hour endurance races and World Rally competitions, this 12-volt, 35-watt light features a tough plastic body and a clear polycarbonate lens. Since the light is completely enclosed in the 91/16-inch-wide, 73/16-inch-deep casing, there is no need to mount external ballasts.
Information: PIAA, 503.489.6666, www.piaa.com

Tube Recovery Points

Looking for an easy way to mount a shackle point on the rear of your ride's tubing? Check out Flashover 4x4's custom recovery-point tubing insert that you weld right onto the end of your rollcage, bumper, or chassis. The recovery points accept standard shackles and are a pretty neat way to hook up your reindeer's harnesses to your tube sleigh.
Information: Flashover Custom 4x4, 907.674.3238, www.flashover4x4.com