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November 2011 New Products

Loads of New Goodies For Your Off-Road Truck!

Raptor Intake
The K&N High-Flow Intake System for the ’10 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2L increases horsepower by an estimated 20 hp at 4,830 rpm, according to K&N. The system includes the air box, air filter, and intake tube. A powdercoated heat shield protects the air filter and isolates it from engine heat is. The air intake system also includes a new washer reservoir. Information: K&N Engineering Inc., 951.826.4001, www.knfilters.com.

LED Work Light
The Might-D-Light is a rechargeable folding LED light that’s great for nighttime trail repairs. It folds for easy storage and has 80 cool bright-white LEDs. It also features integrated rare-earth magnets, which attach to most metals, and a nylon swivel hook to allow for hands-free use. The light has a two-hour runtime when fully charged. Information: Cooper Lighting, 770.486.4800, www.might-d-light.com.

Z-Rod Synthetic Motor Oil
Amsoil now offers synthetic motor oil engineered specifically for classic trucks, cars, and other high-performance applications. It is available in 10W-30 and 20W-50 weights. The oil has synthetic base stocks and a proprietary additive package tailored to prevent wear and provide maximum protection during storage. It is formulated with high levels of zinc, and zinc is critical for wear protection in the flat-tappet engines of older engines and other earlier-model, high-performance vehicles. Information: Amsoil Inc., 800.777.8491, www.amsoil.com.

Hoodpin Kits
Daystar’s new hoodpin kits are a great solution for keeping fiberglass and steel hoods secure yet easily removable. The kits use polyurethane grommets that help keep the hood isolated from its attachment points. The kit includes a 5⁄8-inch-diameter steel pin, stainless steel fasteners to attach the grommet to the hood, and spring retaining clips. Information: Daystar, 800.595.7659, www.daystarweb.com.

Ford Rear Shackles
The Extreme Duty Extended Shackles for Sky’s Ford Rear Suspension Shackle Flip Kit fit ’78-’97 Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, and Broncos. The shackles, combined with the flip kit, provide 8 inches of spring travel and 51⁄2 inches of lift and increase articulation. The shackles are built from 1⁄4-inch laser-cut plate and use military-grade polyurethane bushings and sleeves. Information: Sky’s Off-Road Design, 541.736.3743, www.sky-manu facturing.com.

Tranzilla HD Transfer Case Half
Rockland Standard Gear’s Tranzilla HD transfer case half will fix problems with New Venture 246, 261, 263, and 149 transfer cases. The transfer cases experienced “bearing creep” due to the chemical incompatibility of steel bearings in the OEM magnesium case. It also resolves oil pump problems. The case half is heat-treated aluminum and is built for extreme duty with extra ribbing and thicker material in critical areas. Information: Rockland Standard Gear,800.227.1523, or www.rsgear.com.

Economical Bedliner
Herculiner’s do-it-yourself truck bed liner is made from a patented polyurethane formula and is available for under $100. The liner provides an extremely tough, skid-resistant finish and bonds to virtually any surface. It is a great coating for a multitude of automotive, home, and industrial applications. Information: Herculiner, 877.437.2854, www.herculiner.com.

XJ Shackle Relocation Kit
Fine-tuning the rear suspension travel of your Jeep XJ is easy with Rough Country’s Jeep XJ Shackle Relocation Kit. It uses a set of frame brackets and shackle brackets and relocates the stock shackle positioning, preventing it from bottoming out against the unibody. The shackle is capable of a much greater range of motion, offering increased articulation for off-road use. Information: Rough Country Suspension Products, 800.222.7023, www.roughcountry.com.

’09-’11 Ford F-150 4WD Coilover System
If you are looking for a way to add 3 inches of lift and over 40 percent more wheel travel, Camburg Engineering’s coilover performance system might be the answer. This complete kit uses Fox Racing Shox 21⁄2-inch, long-travel coilovers with Camburg Uni-ball upper A-arms up front with a set of Fox Racing Shox 21⁄2-inch Piggy Back shocks in the rear. The suspension system will give the Ford F-150 4x4 10 inches of travel. Information: Camburg Eng., 714.848.8880, www.camburg.com.

Jeep Body Lift
Rokmen’s 1⁄2-inch body lift for TJ and LJ Jeep Wranglers is designed for those who need additional space for installation of high-clearance skidplates but don’t want a taller body lift. The 1⁄2-inch helps keep a low center of gravity but increases clearance for skidplates, transfer cases, engines, and other modifications. The spacers are machined from 6061 billet aluminum, and the kit includes all installation hardware. Information: Rokmen, 303.907.6303, www.rokmen.com.

Baja STZ Radial
The Baja STZ Radial from Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels offers good steering response, excellent grip, and great all-weather traction, making it a great choice for work, play, sportsmen, and off-road. The Baja STZ has variable-density nylon wraps over the belt package to deliver improved uniformity, ride comfort, and handling. Serrated tie bars and shoulder scallops along with multiangled lugs have been added to improve self-cleaning and eject stones from the tread. Siping has been added to improve traction in wet and icy conditions. Information: Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, 330.928.9092, www.mickeythompsontires.com.