Goal Zero Guardian 12v Solar Recharging Kit

    Don’t Go Dead

    Christian LeePhotographer, Writer

    The Goal Zero Guardian 12V Solar Recharging Kit is ideal for protecting the battery in your 4x4 when it's not in use. While there are multiple AC plug-in battery chargers on the market, these always require running an extension cord to wherever your vehicle is parked. In our case, the parking spot may not be close to the nearest electrical outlet and sometimes requires up to 50 feet of cord. The Guardian 12V Charge Controller paired with the included Nomad 13 Solar Panel doesn't need any extra cords; you'll only need the free energy beamed to you daily by the sun.

    Lead-acid batteries last longer when kept fully charged. Anyone who's seen the pricey new battery they purchased last season go kaput after being discharged and recharged multiple times is familiar with this concept. Batteries last longer when fully charged because there are three stages of charging. The first stage (bulk) delivers the majority of the power to the battery. The second stage (absorb) tops off the battery, and the final stage (float) actively keeps the battery fresh during storage. When lead-acid batteries spend more time in the bulk and absorb stages than the float stage they sulfate more rapidly, which reduces lifespan.

    Using the Guardian12V Charge Controller and Nomad 13 Solar Panel system you can easily keep the battery in your 4x4 in the float stage at all times. It'll be ready go every time you need it.