Ingersoll Rand 7150 1/2-inch Impactool

    1,150 lb-ft of Nut-Busting Torque

    Phil HowellPhotographer, Writer

    It's taken a while, but I've finally joined the cordless impact tool owner ranks. After watching friends and shops use their cordless tools without having to deal with air or hoses, it just made sense.

    Ingersoll Rand's W7150-K1 Cordless Impactool Kit includes their outstanding W7150 cordless 1/2-inch impact tool. The only IR cordless impact that rivals air impact tools, the W7150 features 1,110 lb-ft of nut-busting torque (780 lb-ft maximum reverse torque). The powerful 20V lithium-ion battery lasts as long or longer than lesser batteries, as the W7150 gets the job done much quicker. An all-metal drivetrain and hammer mechanism is housed in a steel-lined aluminum case for maximum toughness and longevity. The patent-pending soft touch over molded grip makes using the W7150 a pleasure; it minimizes vibration and reduces fatigue.

    The W7150-K1 Kit includes the W7150, a nifty plastic case, one 20V lithium-ion battery, and a charger that not only charges a completely depleted 20V battery in under one hour, but includes a USB port, which means cellphones, iPods, and more, can be charged, too.

    The W7150 will make short work of changing tires and wheels, as well as any job where its massive power and torque is required. It will be with me in the shop and on the trail, where I'll no longer need an air source to perform big jobs.