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2014 Parts Guide For Your Mud Trucks & Mud Toys

Shopping in Sin City

Kevin McNultyWriterSEMAPhotographer

Right around the beginning of November every year, all the car, truck, and automotive aftermarket accessories manufacturers get together in Las Vegas for the massive SEMA Show. The name of the shindig isn’t important. What matters is that just about every new suspension, performance, and parts upgrade anyone could ever want to make to their truck or buggy can be found here.

Unfortunately it’s not a convention everyone can attend, so it’s our job to let you know what’s out there and new and which components we think you might be interested in. So, what happens in Vegas doesn’t really stay there! We’re kind of bummed at the fact that you folks can’t attend; we’ve always said everyone who is even slightly an automotive enthusiast should go—yes, that means you mud people! Although we can’t list everything in these pages, we’ve literally found everything we could ever want to build a rig in Vegas. Here are just some of the parts and cool stuff we found. If you don’t see anything you like here, check out the manufacturers’ websites. We’re sure you’ll find something you need.

Intake Manifold Cummins L6-6.7L
The aFe BladeRunner intake manifold for ’10-’12 Rams uses a unique MDV (multiple directional vane) technology to guide the air through the manifold, maximizing airflow. Constructed of cast 808 aluminum alloy, in recent testing it outflowed the factory intake by 34 percent and resulting in increased horsepower and torque.
aFe Power
951.493.7100, www.afepower.com

Monster Exhaust for 6.7L Cummins Diesel
The Banks Monster Exhaust for ’10-’12 Rams maximizes airflow, minimizes backpressure, and lowers exhaust gas temperatures. It is available in single, dual, and quad configurations with either polished chrome or black.
Banks Power
626.969.9600, www.bankspower.com

Ram Control Arms
Constructed with forged end links and built tough to resist bending, these control arms are three times stronger than stock arms. The bodies are powdercoated, and the threads are zinc plated to prevent rusting.
BD Diesel Performance
800.887.5030, www.dieselperformance.com

2014 Chevy/GMC Lift
The high-clearance 4-inch BDS lift system for ’14 Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks allows for 35-inch tires under the fenderwells. The IFS suspension is designed for strength and to stand up to any abuse someone can throw at it. Ductile iron replacement steering knuckles and high-clearance crossmembers give the system its lift.
BDS Suspension
517.279.2135, www.bds-suspension.com

Manual & Automatic Battery Charger
The unit charges 6- and 12-volt, maintenance-free, conventional wet, deep-cycle, AGM/VRLA, and Gel batteries. It will charge batteries fully in two to four hours and has a 100-amp jumpstart. It features built-in, reverse-connection, fully charged indicating lights, and auto shutoff and resume.
Century Battery Chargers & Jump Starters
866.236.0044, www.centuryequipment.net

5W-30 API CJ-4 Diesel Oil
Champion SAE 5W-30 API-CJ4 Blue Flame performance diesel motor oil provides better wear protection than most SAE 15W-40 motor oils. We are told it delivers enhanced durability and improves horsepower, torque efficiency, and fuel economy.
Champion Oil
660.890.6231, www.championbrands.com

Solid Tow
The Solid Tow is a quiet hitch with a unique anti-rattle system eliminates annoying noise and unnecessary wear. High-grade, hand-polished aircraft aluminum makes the Solid Tow great-looking and lightweight.
877.523.9103, www.diversi-tech.net

Dana 44 Differential Cover
Add character to your Dana 44 axle with this aggressive-tread-design differential cover by Drake Off Road. The cover offers increased oil capacity, high-tensile nodular cast iron construction, thick mounting flanges, and recessed pockets to protect the Allen bolt heads.
Drake Automotive Group
702.853.2060, www.drakeoffroad.com

FreeSpin Kit for ’10 and Later Fords
Dynatrac’s Free-Spin HD Hub Conversion Kits provide durability and improve fuel economy. The ability to manually lock and unlock the hubs is a favorite feature for off-roading and eliminates the risk of unit bearing failure and expensive replacements.
Dynatrac Products Co. Inc.
714.596.4461, www.dynatrac.com

Welding Helmet
The professional welding helmet features automatic darkening, a large view, and varying shades from grades 9 to 13. The helmet has custom Eastwood graphics.
Eastwood Co.
877.304.0621, www.eastwood.com

High-Visibility Recovery Straps
These high-visibility recovery straps are manufactured and assembled in the USA. They include an overload protection warning strand and are covered protected eyes. The color allows the strap to be seen easily, and they are available in 20,000- and 30,000-pound versions.
Extreme Outback Products
707.447.7711, www.extremeoutback.com

Flip Automatic Jack Foot
The Flip Automatic Jack foot is a convenient trailer tongue jack extender. It permanently attaches to the trailer tongue jack. As the jack is lowered to unhook your trailer, it automatically drops into place. As the jack is retracted, the flip tucks itself neatly under the trailer frame. There are no pins, gears, or springs to mess with.
Fastway Trailer Products
877.523.9103, www.fastwaytrailer.com

’04-’07 Super Duty 6.0 Transmission Cooler
As an option, this transmission cooler kit mounts a Flex-a-lite Translife cooler. It is a direct-fit kit that includes brackets and a cooler, making it also possible to hard-mount the transmission cooler without going through the radiator core
253.922.2700, www.flex-a-lite.com

FOX Evolution Series Shocks
Evolution Series shocks will give better ride quality and more control when it’s needed on or off the road. The proven FOX damping technology provides a comfortable ride and predictable handling in a variety of conditions.
FOX Shox
619.768.1800, www.ridefox.com/truck

Genius 03
These tires offer great off-road performance and traction and are ideal for extreme use in dirt and mud. The Genius 03 is a great-looking tire, and the specially designed side lugs can dig a rig out in critical situations.
Genius Tires
954.404.3695, www.geniustires4x4.com

STA-BIL Diesel Biocide
This biocide kills and prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and yeasts in diesel fuels. It is soluble in fuel, hydrocarbons, and water. One bottle treats up to 880 gallons.
Gold Eagle Co.
800.367.3245, www.sta-bil.com

105mm EFI Throttle Body
Holley’s big 105mm LS throttle body incorporates a tapered bore, optimizing drivability and performance. The throttle body’s features include a TPS adjuster, idle bleed, and PCV defeat.
Holley Performance Products
270.782.2900, www.holley.com

Hornblasters P.A. System
If you want a public address system that people can actually hear, then this system is it. The 100-watt system is as loud as those used in law enforcement vehicles.
Hornblasters Inc.
877.209.8179, www.hornblasters.com

3⁄8-Inch 12-Volt Drill/Driver
The Ingersoll Rand D1130 3⁄8-inch drill and driver is very versatile with two speeds and a 15-position clutch. The D1130 has 1,600 rpm and 205 lb-in of torque for faster drilling. The D1130 weighs only 2.43 pounds, and it runs on a 2.0 Ah, 12-volt lithium-ion battery.
Ingersoll Rand
800.483.4981, ingersollrandproducts.com

50L Ice Cube Fridge/Freezer
The Ironman 4x4 50L Fridge/Freezer is made from impact-resistant polypropylene. It runs on 12-, 24-, or 110-volt power. The fridge features a digitally controlled SECOP compressor. It is perfect for a truck, camp, boat, or home.
Ironman 4x4
310.844.7848, www.ironman4x4.com

7-inch Gravity LED Lights
The new KC Gravity Series features KC’s patented Gravity Core. The LEDs feature two power form factors, 20W and 40W cores. The Gravity Core combines LED benefits of efficiency and solid state rigidity. The use of reflectors can maximize light output and shape beam patterns.
928.635.2607, www.kchilites.com

Ram Truck OEM Replacement Struts & Shocks
King Shocks, a leader in shock technology, now offers a high-quality American-made factory replacement system for ’12 and newer Ram 1500s. The system gives the trucks superior on- and off-road performance compared to factory shocks.
King Shock Technology
714.530.8701, www.kingshocks.com

Diesel Aircharger Intake
The K&N Aircharger air intake system replaces the OEM Airbox and air filter with a complete performance intake system. The systems will fit ’11-’12 Chevy/GM 2500/3500HD 6.6L diesel motors.
K&N Engineering Inc.
800.858.3333, www.knfilters.com

Krazy Grease
Krazy Grease is a high-performance, multipurpose, waterproof grease that can be used on virtually any application. Lubrication intervals can be lengthened by over 10 times that of conventional lubricants. Krazy Grease can be used for all automotive, marine, industrial, farming, and recreational greasing applications.
Krazy Grease
519.466.4632, www.krazygrease.com

Syncrowave 210 TIG Welder
Intended for personal use, the new inverter-based Syncrowave 210 TIG welder with operator-friendly interface is AC/DC TIG and DC Stick-capable. The 210 can weld material up to a quarter inch thick in a single pass. It is the first Miller TIG welder to include the Pro-Set feature, which takes the guesswork out of setting weld parameters with preset controls.
Miller Electric
800.426.4553, www.MillerWelds.com

Monster Swivel Hook
Initially designed for the U.S. military, the monster swivel hook was made to replace a much slower recovery shackle with a simpler, stronger, more efficient process of connection towstraps. Made from 6,000 series aluminum and rated at 10,000 pounds with a break load of 30,500 pounds.
Monster Hooks Inc.
408.268.7417, www.monsterhooksinc.com

5182 Phantom Series
Pro Comp uses state-of-the-art casting technology when building the Phantom series wheels to ensure dependable wheel strength and great value. The Phantom design adds head-turning style and attitude to any lifted truck or SUV.
Pro Comp
800.776.0776, www.procompusa.com

Adjustable Front Lift Kits
ProRYDE, makers of the LiftMachine, now offers an adjustable lift and leveling kit for trucks. The kit will lift vehicles from 1½ to 3 inches. Heights will vary by the make and model of the truck.
ProRYDE Suspension Systems
888.813.7933, www.prorydeliftkits.com

2014 Chevy Silverado Z71 Grille
The LED grilles by Rigid Industries are made from two parts laser-cut 304 stainless steel. They are available in satin-black powdercoat treatments and are installed with stainless steel button socket head bolts and nyloc nuts.
Rigid Industries LED Lighting
480.655.0100, www.rigidindustries.com

Rotating Assemblies for Jeep
If you are thinking about rebuilding your Jeep’s 4.0L engine, SCAT has a balanced 4.6L rotating assembly for the job. The high-quality kits make rebuilding the engine easier and faster.
SCAT Enterprises Inc.
310.370.5501, www.scatcrankshafts.com

Bluetooth Speaker System & Music Player
Everyone can connect (one at a time, of course) to this sound system. It features a 6½-inch woofer, a 3-inch tweeter, and a built-in amplifier with 200 watts of max power. The system also has a built-in FM radio receiver, a USB and SD card reader, and RCA and auxiliary input. It will work on either 110-volt AC or 12-volt DC power. It also has a dock for holding phones, music players, and tablets, and a 5-volt USB port for charging such devices.
Sondpex Electronics
732.940.4430, www.sondpex.com

Superwinch Smart Phone Winch Control
A new concept that allows smartphone control of a winch makes using a Superwinch easy and safe from a distance. The system provides full control over power-in and power-out. The system’s ROAM creates a secure Wi-Fi network that provides the connectivity, allowing two-way winch and smartphone communication.
860.928.7787, www.superwinch.com

T-REX Mesh Grilles
Graphic Series grilles make a bold statement about the owner’s lifestyle. The grilles come in four distinctive finishes: Multi-Cam, Digi-Cam, Next-G2, and Avery-KW1. They are available on either framed wire mesh grilles or T-REX grilles 6061/6063 in billet aluminum.
T-REX Grilles
951.270.5388, www.trexbillet.com

Replacement Clear & Smoke LED Cab Roof Lights
These high-quality VMS LED cab roof lights are made of strong ABS-molded plastic and are UV treated so they won’t fade from prolonged exposure to sunlight and weather. The cab lights are available for most domestic pickup trucks, such as Ford and Dodge. The lights are plug-and-play and come with installation hardware.
VMS Racing
305.231.3388, www.vms-racing.com

Premium Winch Hook
Warn’s forged Premium Winch Hook with Cerakote coating provides maximum protection and reliability against wear and abrasion. The hook is uniquely designed with an all-important integrated bottle opener.
Warn Industries Inc.
800.543.9276, www.warn.com

Can-Am Radiator Relocator Kit
The Can-Am ATV radiator relocator kit positions the ATV’s radiator to a top-mount position to prevent cooling performance loss in muddy conditions. The kit is also engineered for easy cooling system bleeding and maintenance and reuses the radiator and includes support, hardware and hoses. The kit fits Outlander 2012 with 800R or 1000 engine; Outlander & Outlander MAX 2013-2014 (except the 400 engine).

Grizzly Mud Fenders
Grizzly overfenders give the ATV a tough look, and the custom-formed design helps protect you from water, mud, and trail debris. The set includes both the front and rear overfenders and fits Grizzly 700 and 550.
800.962.7926, www.yamaha-motor.com