Corbeau Sportline RRX Dual Sport Seat

    Relax and Recline Driving to Work, Get Rowdy on Weekends

    Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

    Given the huge number of aftermarket seats, one of them has to be the perfect seat for you. But finding just the right one can be arduous. Do you want high bolstering or low bolstering? Fixed-back seat or reclining seat? And, of course, the hotly debated suspension seat or molded-foam seat?

    We suggest erring on the side of comfort. A seat with extremely tall bolstering is too hard to get in and out every day. And unless you have a single-cab truck, you probably want a reclining mechanism. Sitting in traffic in race position for hours on end in a fixed-back seat can get really old. And of course, you don’t want a seat that costs too much or wears out prematurely.

    Molded-foam seat fans may like Corbeau’s new reclining Sportline RRX. Built with high-density injection-molded foam around a powdercoated steel frame. Finding a seat that stays comfortable on a long trip can be a challenge, especially for larger people. We can attest to this seat fitting a 36-inch waist in comfort for an all-day drive.

    The Corbeau Sportline RRX is part of the new Sportline and is four-point harness capable. The seat has aggressive lateral bolstering and is made of a high-density injection-molded foam over a steel powdercoated frame. It comes in this one color combination: black vinyl with gray carbon-fiber vinyl contrast. The Sportline RRX weighs 25.85 pounds and has dimensions of 37.5 inches high x 22.0 inches deep x 21.5 inches wide.

    Corbeau has bolt-in seat brackets for almost every vehicle you’ve ever heard of, and many you’ve never heard. The brackets either completely replace the factory seat bracket or adapt the Corbeau seat to the factory seat bracket. The replacement brackets come standard with a single locking slider, but you can upgrade to double locking sliders.

    Certain model seats can sit a little low on the seat bracket or slider, interfering with movement like the reclining mechanism. Corbeau has 1-inch seat spacers to alleviate the problem, if needed.

    The Corbeau Sportline RRX seat sits lower than most other seats manufactured by Corbeau. On certain vehicle seat brackets, you may need to use Corbeau’s spacers to raise the seat. Another occasional problem, the seat belts on some vehicles bolt to the seat mounts instead of the vehicle floorpan. The Corbeau brackets account for this. On the left of the bracket, you can see the tab that allows the factory belts to be reused with Corbeau’s new seat bracket.

    Big, tall bolstering for lateral support is great for racing, but can be a little troublesome to climb in and out of in a daily driver. Although the Corbeau Sportline RRX seat is a little deeper than most reclining seats, the bolstering is not so large it causes a major issue when entering or departing the vehicle cab.

    This is not a photo color illusion. The color is listed as “gray carbon fiber,” but it sure seems to have a blue tint in the gray. Luckily, we like the color combo.

    The rear is covered with a black carbon-fiber vinyl.

    By looking at the Corbeau Sportline RRX, you sure wouldn't think it can fit a 38-inch waist. However, we can attest to both 36- and a 38-inch-waist individuals fitting in this seat comfortably. In fact, our 36-inch-waisted test dummy took a four-hour ride in these seats and tells us they were comfortable the entire time.