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New Jeep Products - June 2014

The latest for your Jeep

Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

Wide and Fabulous
The guys that do nothing but rocks live on stubby bumpers, but what if your wheeling involves weaving in and out of trees? Or you want a bumper that, oh, might actually be capable of bumping something and saving your fenders? Well this full-width bumper from OR-Fab for ’97-’06 Wranglers might be what you are looking for. Built from CNC-cut and formed 3⁄16-inch-thick steel it features a semi-recessed winch mount and is available with and without a grille hoop. The bumpers come with integrated D-ring mounts and are available in both wrinkle or gloss heavy-duty black powdercoat finish.
Information: OR-Fab
928/636-7080, orfab.com

Not everyone wants to drill through their JK’s sheetmetal to get rocker protection installed and Poison Spyder has responded to that with its frame-mounted Rocker Knockers. These rockers fit ’07-and-up two- and four-door Wranglers and bolt to the frame in three places and to the body mounts as well. Unlike many frame-mounted rockers which use tubes and go to the side of the frame, these bolt through the frame and use triangular supports for better torsional rigidity. That means these rockers will take a hit, such as coming down off of a rock, better than many of the other frame-mounted rockers on the market. The skidplates are removable, making initial paint and subsequent touch up easy.
Information: Poison Spyder Customs
951/849-5911, poisonspyder.com

An Open Lock
If you’ve got a Dana 60 and have been looking for a simple electronically actuated locker, Auburn might have your answer. When unlocked it is completely open making it ideal for on-road use. When locked, it is completely locked and even hanging a tire in the air won’t stop you. The four pinion design is strong yet at the same time Auburn has taken steps to eliminate a lot of the little parts that tend to fail in other lockers. It is backed by an industry-leading one year warranty and will work in front or rear Dana 60s with either high- or low-pinions.
Information: Auburn Gear
260/925-3200, auburngear.com

Does your ’72-’86 CJ need some extra tire space, but you don’t want to go with high-buck and heavy tube fenders and cut your factory sheet metal? Well, $350 will get you into this flexible composite fiberglass hood from Chris Durham Motorsports. The fenders are molded into the hood so you can pull your factory fenders off at the same time. It is about 1⁄8-inch-thick, mounts to your factory hinges, and comes in a grey gelcoat finish. The company recommends reusing your factory CJ hood latches reversed under the hood to hold it down, and since this hood weighs only 15 pounds, they will be more than up to the task.
Information: Chris Durham Motorsports
864/420-1274, chrisdurhammotorsports.com

It’s Electric!
But unlike that stupid slide song, you don’t have to go hide in the bathroom until it is over. This new electric water pump from Davies Craig Products can be used either in place of, or in conjunction with, your existing water pump. When used alone, it outflows your mechanical pump on the trail at low engine speeds, as well as on the highway. Used with your existing water pump, it boosts low-speed flow and can help get rid of cavitation and water pockets. It is rated for 3,000 hours of use when wired straight to 12 volts, or 7,000 hours of use when used with the controller. That is good for over 100,000 miles of usage.
Information: Davies Craig Products
909/476-6068, daviescraig.com.au

Steal the Drag
We are just juvenile enough that we might be talking about guys in dresses, but in this case we aren’t. AutoMeter has introduced the Ultimate III tachometer, which has all kinds of extra cool features over the Ultimate II. And while it was introduced for drag racers, it works for Jeeps, too. It is 30 percent lighter and can store up to 60 seconds of engine and driveshaft RPM data at 100 samples per second. The four stage shift light control can tell you exactly when to shift in that mud pit or dune. It can auto start recording, playback the data on the tachometer itself, or download it to STACK motorsports DataPro software. A built-in, tri-axis accelerometer and LED back lighting round out the list of upgrades.
Information: AutoMeter
866/248-6356, autometer.com

Grand Nose Job
The WK2 Grand Cherokee can be a pretty cool Jeep if only the aftermarket would get onboard. We are happy to say ARB 4x4 Accessories has with its Deluxe Bar front bumper for the ’11-’13 Grand Cherokee. The bar compliments the design of the Jeep while providing much better protection. Made from CNC-cut and formed steel it provides a winch mount while adding only 53⁄4 inches to the overall length of the vehicle. Additionally, approach angle increases with this bumper from 26 degrees to 34 degrees (on a Jeep with stock springs). There are two built-in Hi-Lift jacking points and the light surrounds are injection-molded ABS plastic while the push pads are durable urethane.
Information: ARB 4x4 Accessories
425/264-1391, arbusa.com

Lose the Rubber
We aren’t talking about teenagers making bad decisions. The Jeep JK Total Suspension Kit from Prothane replaces all the worn-out rubber under your ’07-’11 two- or four-door Wrangler. These superior urethane parts are designed to absorb hard shock loads and resist oil and grease for a long life. The kit includes body mounts, front and rear control arm and sway bar bushings, strut arm rod bushings, sway bar end link bushings, and front and rear track-bar bushings. The company has also released a 1.5-inch body lift for ’07-up Wranglers. Both kits are available in either red or black.
Information: Prothane
888/776-8426, prothane.com

When we got this press release we wondered, “What is this wax stuff you speak of?” Our Eagle One contact patiently explained that its new Nano Wax would be something you guys with Jeeps that have actual paint might like. It’s a spray-on wax with nano-sized carnauba particles suspended in it. That makes it easier to apply than regular carnauba wax, and the company tells us that the smaller-sized particles get into smaller-sized scratches for better protection and shine. It also has a cationic charge that can help repel dust. It’s new to us with our rusty patina’d Jeeps, but we figure at least one of you guys might have paint on their Jeep that you want to keep.
Information: Eagle One
800/832-6825, eagleone.com

The #TIG-8500 from Power Tank is a gauge intended for off-road. It features a 0-60 psi range with an accuracy of plus or minus 0.5 psi. The digital display includes a cool blue backlight for airing up or down in the dark. The tire inflator also features a 2-foot stainless steel hose for safety and ease of use. The inflator has a bleed button, a 90-degree elbow with clip-on euro-style chuck, and EPDM O-rings for longevity. The easy-to-use thumb trigger makes filling up as painless as possible.
Information: Power Tank
209/366-2163, powertank.com

There are so many light brackets for the JK that you can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting one, so when we saw another light bracket release we weren’t exactly jumping for joy. But it was from Vision X, so we opened it anyway and saw this clean-looking lightbar mount that doesn’t take away from the looks of the Jeep. The other neat thing in the press release was that in addition to now offering A-pillar mounts, Vision X is offering A-pillar mounts with lights. Your choice of Optimus lights or Light Canons—both kits come with harnesses and provide a very easy way to get extra lighting bolted up to your ’07-and-up JK.
Information: Vision X
888/489-9820, visionxusa.com

Flanged Bung
While it might sound a little dirty, this is one part we wish came out a long time ago. If you’ve ever messed around with modifying a fuel-injected Jeep’s exhaust you’ve likely had to do something about the O2 sensor bung. There have been weld-in and clamp-on bungs before, but the weld-in ones are finicky: drill the exact right sized hole, hope you don’t burn through the tube, pray the thing doesn’t crack out of that thin tube, and so on. And, the clamp-on ones? Leaksville. So these new 304 stainless bungs from Burns Stainless are weld-in bungs that feature flanges which fix the cracking, hole size, and welding issues all in one shot. Available for 2-inch and 3-inch tube, they will also fit tubing 1⁄4-inch-diameter larger and smaller without any flange modification.
Information: Burns Stainless
949/631-5120, burnsstainless.com

Wide Open Space
If you are like us, you judge tool purchases by what floor space there is in the garage. We don’t have a hydraulic press because then the drill press would need to go outside. And forget about a parts washer -- until now. The BenchtopPRO is a self-contained parts washer that can sit on your bench while in use and fold up and store vertically when not needed (with the cleaner inside it) -- it’s perfect for shops where floor space is at a premium. It uses a BT5 cleaning solution that is non-hazardous, pH neutral, non-flammable, and non-irritating. The solution combines with the MicroPRO pack, which contains microbial cleaning agents that break down tough greases and oils. You can even clean wax-based stuff with the BenchtopPRO.
Information: ChemFree Corporation
800/521-7182, thebenchtoppro.com

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