New Jeep Products - July 2014

    The Latest Products For Your Jeep

    Mend Metal
    Anza Products is proud to announce Metal Mender, a self-contained, lightweight, and affordable solution to emergency off-road welding needs. The Metal Mender kit provides an experienced welder with the ability to easily make emergency repairs to a disabled vehicle in remote, off-road locations. The kit includes welding cables, gloves, electrode container, chipping hammer, full instructions, and more.
    Information: Anza Products

    Bring More Stuff
    If you have trouble fitting all of your gear in your Jeep then you are not alone. The Crewbed solves one of the biggest problems Jeep owners face -- storage. The Crewbed is a permanently mounted, fully stowable storage rack that increases your Jeep’s ability to haul the stuff you can’t hit the trail without. Versions are available for TJ, YJ and the JK Wranglers. The Crewbed mounts in the back of your Jeep behind the back seats. It folds securely away and nearly out of sight until needed. With the Crewbed, you still have the ability to raise and lower any top, unlike most roof racks.
    Information: Crewbed

    USA-Made Power
    Flaming River has announced the addition of Billet HD Amp High Output Alternators to its growing line of high-performance automotive products. The alternators are said to feature new technologies and increased efficiencies over factory alternators, providing improved output at extremely low engine rpm. They produce 120 amps output at 800 rpm, and include a charging cable and a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. They are made in the USA and are available for a variety of applications in machined, polished, and black anodized finishes.
    Information: Flaming River

    Solo 2
    More light for less money sounds good to us. The new Solo Pod 2 from Vision X still has a 2-inch–square aluminum housing and the option to use the Omni-Link interlocking system to build your own light bar if you want. The new pod still has a heavy-duty polycarbonate lens, but it also adds about 30 percent more light (up to 540 lumens) and clocks in at just $99. And with four beam patterns available, you can have a single pod rock light to a pencil beam driving bar—or anything in-between. Each pod draws just under 1 amp, and there are multiple mounting solutions available.
    Information: Vision X

    JK Anti-Hood Hop
    Do you hate watching your ’07-present Wrangler hood flutter in the wind at speed? Then you might want to look into the Hop-Stopper from Off Road Only. It’s a simple latch mechanism that attaches under the hood, eliminating annoying hood flutter. With the lever in the locked position, the hood cannot hop or move. Pull the lever and the hood opens and closes easily. It’s made from all stainless materials with zinc-coated hardware for corrosion resistance and is said to work with both factory and aftermarket hoods if the stock hood hook is used.
    Information: Off Road Only

    Adult Wipes
    Cleaning up greasy and grimy hands on the trail or in the garage is as simple as wiping a baby’s butt thanks to the Tub O’ Towels. Each container holds 90 solution-soaked scrubbing towels. At 10x12 inches, they are two times larger than standard wipes and hold up to vigorous scrubbing. With nine powerful cleaners in one wipe, they are said to knock out paint, ink, grease, tar, and other messes. Environmentally friendly and gentle on hands, they contain lanolin, aloe vera, and vitamin E.
    Information: Tub O’ Towels

    Nose Job
    If you want some more protection for the plastic nose of your ’07-up JK, but don’t need a full-on, heavy replacement bumper, you aren’t alone. This grille guard from Aries Automotive mounts to your factory bumper and provides protection for your plastic grille. Not only that, but the crossbar provides mounting for up to a 20-inch LED light bar and provides enough space to angle and aim it while protecting it from theft and the elements. The standard steel mesh faceplate can be further customized with stainless steel mesh or black carbon open-style plates.
    Information: Aries Automotive

    Fortunately, this is a lot better than some movie where a guy cuts his own arm off. We are talking about the 120 surface-mounted LEDs in Eastwood Company’s new underhood light. It is rechargeable, so there are no cords to get in your way, plus it belts out 1,250 lumens to light up the entire underhood area. It is built from ABS and aluminum and is adjustable from 53 to 72 inches wide and can hang off your hood with foam-padded hooks. The light folds in half for easy storage, and it comes with an AC/DC adapter and 12-volt charger. The battery is a 7.4-volt, 2200mAh battery, so it charges fast and lasts a long time.
    Information: The Eastwood Company

    Flat Flare
    If you need more tire coverage, Rugged Ridge may have what you are looking for in its Hurricane Flat Fender Flares for ’07-’14 Wrangler JKs. The new flares combine the popular modern pocket style with the traditional old-school flat fender design. The flares fit both two- and four-door models and rest high on the vehicle to provide extra clearance for oversized wheels and tires. They are made from black TPE plastic that can be left unfinished or painted to match the factory paint. Two different sets of hardware are included (one stainless steel and one black) so owners can personalize their installation. The Hurricane Flat Fender Flares come with a five-year limited warranty.
    Information: Rugged Ridge

    Quart Carried
    Nobody likes having random oil bottles floating around the inside of their Jeep, especially if they get damaged and spring a leak. A great way to secure them is with the Trail Gear TG 6 Quart Oil Crate. The TG 6 Quart Oil Crate organizes and secures six quarts of common automotive fluids. It’s CNC laser cut and formed out of 16-gauge steel. A spring-draw latch features a safety catch to prevent accidental openings. Predrilled mounting holes are included so it can be bolted or welded in place. It’s made in the United States and shipped raw and ready to paint.
    Information: Trail Gear

    Rough Shifter
    If you have an Advance Adapters Atlas II transfer case and you are a little rough on your shifters, you may have had problems with the plastic bushings and E-clips popping off of the stock linkage. Advance now offers a heavy-duty linkage for you He-Men that like to manhandle the levers. The Atlas Heim Joint Retro Fit Kit comes with everything you need to upgrade the linkage with sturdy rod ends. Two kits are available to cover all Atlas II shift tube lengths between 2 inches and 8 inches.
    Information: Advance Adapters

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