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    Wilton’s All Terrain Vise

    Ali MansourPhotographer, Writer

    A staple in any garage is a sturdy vise. It’s the extra set of hands, muscle, and tool holder that many of us can’t live without. Wilton, a company known for its professional series of vises and clamps, has launched a product that aims to let you bring a professional quality vise anywhere you go. The Wilton All Terrain Vise (ATV) is designed to double as both a bench and mobile vise.

    The ATV works by sliding into a stationary base (included), which you bolt to your work bench. Using a hitch pin, you can remove the ATV from the bench to a standard two-inch receiver in just a few seconds. Similar to a traditional vise, the ATV is equipped with an anvil, six-inch jaw width, and a patented 360-degree locking handle that secures the vise while on the go. We’ve been on the trail more than once wishing that we had a vise, so we decided to give the Wilton ATV a closer look.

    The first thing we noticed when we pulled the ATV from the box was that it was much lighter than we expected (the built-in carrying handle helps). It was also a fair bit longer. While its proportions make for a sturdy and roomy work base, it’s not something we would want hanging off or tumbling around in the back of a Jeep Wrangler on the trail.

    Compared to our home vice, the ATV is slightly smaller, but still provides ample clamping force. If your garage is overly packed like ours, you’ll appreciate being able to clamp long pieces of material outside. We can definitely see the benefits of this as a mobile work tool for on-site construction and maintenance. Heck, we remember days of not having a garage and how handy something like this would have been during one of our many driveway wrench sessions.

    While the ATV is definitely more expensive than your standard fixed-mount vise, if you need a vise on the go, it’s a great investment. Given that it has a fixed base, it can actually be a practical tool you use frequently, versus some novelty vise that you only dig out of the back of your tow rig when you break a U-joint on the trail. Overall, we like the versatility of the ATV but wouldn’t mind seeing the price point come down a bit.

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