Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Tire Review

Mickey's New Driver's Tire

Fred WilliamsPhotographer, Writer

Mickey’s New Driver’s Tire
Brian Deegan is a driver. He rides motorcycles, drives rally cars, and hucks race trucks. He was one of the founders of Metal Mulisha, an extreme motorcycle and off-road team/business that has expanded into all arenas of motorsports over the years. Plus, he started his whole career on a dream when he left home at 19 with a motorcycle in the bed of his truck, determined to do great stuff and find his way to the finish line. Over the years he has roped in many different sponsors, but when Mickey Thompson tires brought him on board as a team driver it was probably in part because of his can-do attitude, much like their namesake founder.

Next we took the Jeep rockcrawling and again the Mickey’s impressed. We could hold a line without any sideways slipping and had good traction when aired down to 12 psi on the Mickey Thompson Baja Lock Classics (not real beadlock) wheels. We had more issues just keeping the darn tires on the ground and the transfer case in low range than we did with the tires losing grip.

Being a successful racer has its perks, and one of them is getting product named after you. The new rubber we bolted on our Jeep had Deegan’s name and racing number on the side. Mickey Thompson’s Deegan 38 tires are more than just a celebrity endorsed promotion; they are off-road tires that really work. We have been buzzing around on them for a while now and even got ourselves in places that left more than a few dents on the TJ. If you’re looking for a well roundedtire (excuse the pun) that offers aggressive traction without too much on-road drama, then check out these new Mickeys.

Deegan 38 tires will (not) allow your 4x4 to do backflips

Truths & Lies
Truth: Though called the Deegan 38, these tires are actually available in a variety of sizes. “38” is Brian Deegan’s race number.
Lie: You need to wear black socks and a flat-billed hat, have tattoos, and drink Rock Star energy drink in order to own these tires.
Truth: In a fictional race between Mickey Thompson and Brian Deegan, Thompson would undoubtedly win, but Deegan would do a better backflip.
Lie: Deegan 38 tires will allow your 4x4 to do backflips, Superman jumps, toe tappers, side wigglers, hands-free phone calls, loop-d-loops, and any other tricks that Deegan can do on his motorcycle.

Tire Specifications
Mickey Thompson Deegan 38
Size Tested: 37x12.50R17LT
Type: Radial
Load Range: D
Maximum Load (lb @ psi): 3,525 @ 50
Sidewall Construction: 2-ply polyester
Approved Rim Width (in): 8.5-11
Tread Depth (in): 21⁄32
Tread Width (in): 9.88
Section Width (in): 13.1
Overall Diameter (in): 36.7
Weight (lb): 57 Sizes Available (in): 31x10.50R15, 32x11.50R15, 33x12.50R15, 35x12.50R20, 37x12.50R17, 37x12.50R20, 305/55R20, 305/60R18, 305/65R17, 305/70R16, 305/70R18, 315/70R17, 315/75R16

Right of the bat we headed out on the highway to see what the Deegans could do. Yes, we know they are for dirt, but 90 percent of you have to drive your 4x4 on the street, and everyone always asks if any new tire is loud. You can hear the Deegans on the street, they make some noise. No, it’s not an annoying loud roar or a high-pitched hum like some tires, but yes, you can hear them. After an hour of driving you’ll get used to it.
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